Tuesday Planning Sept 18

  • b-1cp oj, banana
    l-michelina's lean 5 cheese lasgna, 1cp cantoluope, small piece yellow cake(w/chclate icing)
    d-michelina's lean spicy chickens bites
  • B: 1 or 2 cups of coffee, yorgut
    S: 2 cups coffee (AKA my large travel mug)
    L: Sandwich (Whole Wheat Bread, Lean Ham, FF Cheese, Mustard), plum, pretzels, lage diet coke
    S: Banana
    D: BBQ Roast Beef (the last of the leftover revisited), Salad (lettuce, green peppers, cheese, some vinger and then topped with the roast beef), and zucchini
    S: IDK
  • B - Banana and apple slices
    L - leftover chicken, rice and broccoli casserole
    S - 10 gummy bears
    D - cubed teriyaki steak, sauteed brussels sprouts, salad
    S - 1 cup popcorn
  • You guys are pretty big on the bananas! I only like them when they're a little green so I can never buy more than a couple at a time.

    Here's my plan today:

    1: kashi go-lean crunch, frozen blueberries, coffee
    2: soy protein shake (lite cappuccino soy milk, chocolate soy protein powder)
    3: hummus, tomato & parsley sandwich, carrot sticks
    4: soy protein shake or almonds
    5: steamed tofu & zucchini with whole wheat couscous
    6: same as 5
  • Ooh, I like this concept.

    B: vita top cran bran
    L: starkist tuna snack pack
    S: I should go and get an apple!

    D: Banderas. Hamburger, but do not eat the bun!!!
  • hope no one minds if i jump in, even though the day is half over

    B-activia yogurt
    L-baked french fries & a cut up tomato
    S-cheese string
    D-baked pork chop, mashed potatos, veggies
    S-a bag of low calorie popcorn....the biggest loser is on tonight...cant wait!!!

    Water- 3L
    exercize-hopefully get the kids out for a walk after supper for about 30 mins or so