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Good job to everyone's weight loss and future plans...good luck with school as well! I begin PA (physician's assistant) school in right now I am just spending time with my fiance before he deploys out for 12 months...and fun....glad to see everyone's progress....I LOVE that inspiration and motivation!
Does anyone have any BEFORE and AFTER pics...I love looking at those...they pep me up and if you can do it...I know i can too!!
Thank everyone for your support and friendship!!
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Low Carb Lolita
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Thanks for all the well-wishes, everyone! Being at school with a set schedule really helps me keep my dieting/exercising together, because everything is well-ordered I may look messy on the outside, but I'm an organizer at heart--I am a Capricorn, after all.

My September Goal is to lose 2 pounds a week (total of 8 pounds) to put me at 146 by the end of the month. If I lose more, great! But I think 2 pounds a week is a sensible goal I want to do weight lifting and HIIT three days a week and do SS Cardio two days a week (so 5 days of exercise weekly). It's a lofty goal, but I've already put it in my schedule. The weights and HIIT I'll do Mon/Wed/Fri mornings at 7AM and the SS Cardio I'm going to do Tues/Thurs nights--I'm going to take the Cardio Kickboxing class again for that! I'm hoping that I'll be able to fit into those size 11 jeans I bought by the end of the month, too...I can get them on, they're just...bulgy

Wishing everyone else the best of luck!!

PS~ ZetaKristy-- I have some "before" and "during" photos. I don't know if they'll be much inspiration--it's only a 30 pounds difference and it's hard to tell in the photos, but here they are:

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WTG Azure! You look great! What awesome pics! You can definately tell! Awesome.....I can't wait to post my b/a pics.... Keep up the good work!
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Eastcoastgirl – I almost think it would better if our OCI program was prior to the semester starting because it so much to worry about in addition to school starting. I feel like I have so much on my plate right now. What classes are you taking this semester?

Hope2loseit4good – I find that calorie counting is the best diet plan because it is the only thing that I think I could stick to for life. Plus I’ve become more nutritionally aware since I started calorie counting.

Marianne – your goals sound good for the month. Good Luck!

KristyHere is a link to a slide show of my before and after pictures.

Azure – You look amazing! Good Job!!!

Today was a long day at school. I had my first class and it ended very early so that was good, then lunch, meeting, turning in paperwork for my job (which I was officially offered and accepted yesterday. My now boss said that the only hiccup could be if my schedule conflict with the other student workers but she will make them re-arrange theirs to work around mine because I have more experience in an office setting and I will be better at the job), meeting, studying, class, and finally home from school at 6. Long day! And worst part I forgot to eat a snack before my class so I came home and I was starving. But instead of getting junk food on my way home I came home and made the dinner I planned. It was so good.

Now I’m off to a long day of night of studying.
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Azure-- you can definitly see a difference in your pics, especially in your face! Great Job! You look awesome And I am jealous, I want to take kick boxing so bad, but they're are no classes in my area
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Hi everyone! Just checking in with a quick hi! I've been super busy lately and neglecting these forums. School started yesterday (I teach) and after only two days I'm already exhausted! I'm glad to be back on a set schedule b/c it's making my diet a lot easier. My biggest problem is finding time to actually eat! Exercise has fallen to the wayside this week, but I'm not worrying about it. I need to settle into school right now, then I'll get back on track with that.
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Hello everyone,

I am just getting back into the site and am happy to see some familiar faces. I very sadly had to put my ticker back to where I started when I first came on here before spending the summer in Europe. I didnt realize I had lost 7 pounds and apparently put it all back on while eating not so good food in another continent. I'm happy to be back with all the inspiring 20 somethings! Keep it up everyone!
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Remember: I know some other schools (Haaaahvard, etc) actually have a week off for callbacks, which I think I'd prefer to having OCI before school starts, but you know the grass is always greener... I'm taking copyright, international law, admin law and a couple of interesting seminars. Pretty stoked about my schedule at this point. Oh, and about your photos - wow, lady. You're a star.

Azure: Way to go, you look awesome! I am also from Mass originally. Go Sox!

Today was kind of a disaster... I am such a total control freak, and once I start with the dieting I get all freaked out when I have to rely on others to choose restaurants and stuff, but I also couldn't turn down the firm lunches because it would make me look like an antisocial freak. So, I went to the interview lunch and had the one and only vegetarian thing on the menu at this posh Midtown Italian restaurant: spaghetti marinara. Being a posh restaurant, they only serve you a very little portion, and I ate it SO CAREFULLY to avoid getting it on my suit or all over my face, that by the time I was 3/4 of the way through it I was stuffed. And then it was onto the next restaurant meal, since I had organized a dinner out with all the alums of my undergrad school who now go to my law school. I did ok there, but I still feel antsy about being "off plan."

So all right, not a complete disaster, but I'm feeling strangely guilty about my low protein and off plan meals, and the scale hasn't been moving much. Still, I'm keeping the faith for a bit longer before I start trying to tweak what I'm doing, especially since I can definitely feel muscles developing. Hooray for toning up. Hooray for progress and hard work, all of us!
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Remember You look GREAT! You are doing so well! What is your secret!!!??? Great job on the weight loss...your pics are very good...and I hate to say it, but an inspiration to me! Thank you for the link!Hey...seriously...what is your secret!! haha!!
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I don't know if anyone reads the highly amusing Manolo's shoe blog, but I highly recommend it for a laugh, starting a wish list for when you have a huge disposable income, and a shot of self confidence once in a while (his mantra is anyone can be "superfantastic"). Fairly recently there has been an off-shoot of it called Manolo for the Big Girl which has great fashion tips for the plus size ladies, and one of the recent entries deals with the stereotype of fat girls being easy, and the self-esteem issues that are behind it. It's worth checking out.
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I just wanted to share that I finally hit the 70 pound mark. Sometimes I fell so stalled, but this feels good. I had a student say to me today that I had really lost some weight. I have so much farther to go. Does anyone ever wonder if you will ever get there. I know the weight didn't hit me overnight, but still. I work out 5-6 days a week, intensive workouts and weight training. I watch what I eat pretty closely. There are days though when I just don't know how long my body can take it. I am taking tonight off from the gym just because my body is so tired. I think I am also coming down with a cold too. Oh joy! Anyway just thought I would share my thoughts.
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It's on like donkey kong!
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YOU CAN DO IT! Think of how accomplished you feel when you see 5 lbs less on the scale... enjoy those accomplishments each time! You are over half way to your goal... you'll get there!!! Congrats on working out so hard!
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back at it
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hey gals! i just wanted to drop in and say hello to all, great to see some old friends on here and hello and welcome to those who are new since my hiatus. hopefully i'm back for good this time, back on WW and doing well so far. Its amazing how those pounds just creep back on when you're not looking, so i'm obviously going to have to keep at it this time! Good luck to all of you starting school this week, I have to admit i'm a little jealous that i'm done, but i guess the grass is always greener on the other side!

alliesmom - WOW!!! great job, such an accomplishment! what an inspiration!
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Azure, you look amazing!! WTG!!

Alliesmom - congrats!! How does it feel to be past the halfway point?

I'm having one of those mornings where I think that my body is crazy. Somehow in 48hours I gained a pound. Boourns, especially with today being weigh-in.
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Azure - You look fabulous! I've always loved your hair and you just look wow! I see the difference in your arms, not to mention your stance...very confident! Have you been keeping track of inches as well as pounds?

As for me, DH's birthday is Saturday and it's the first one in the three + years we've been together that he hasn't been deployed for his birthday. We're going to the Ocean Expo Park/Aquarium and out to his favorite Teppenyaki restaurant for dinner. I'm going to let myself go a little bit. Although Japanese cooking is healthier than American, so I'll probably still end up ok calorie-wise. Monday, we're starting South Beach. Hopefully, it'll be what my body needs to start losing at a more rapid pace. He's doing ok losing his weight, but I've been struggling (yay PCOS).
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