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Angry I need a fresh, new start!!

Hi all.. I was on weight watchers for a little bit awhile ago and lost some weight, but when I moved downtown into an apt by myself.. I found its a lot harder to keep on track with healthy food, especially when it seems healthy food is more expensive than non-healthy food! And it usually takes more time to prepare healthy food.. right now I'm working 10-6 but in a couple of weeks i'll be going back to school full time.. any hints/ideas of low-budget, quick foods I can start getting used to for bringing to school or work?? I'm 5'2, at about 145 lbs.. I used to be down around 125 and that was ideal for me, I felt healthy and beautiful. HELP PLEASE =(

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I love the Fiber One Oat and Chocolate bars. 2 points each, and lots of fiber! You can also cut up things like carrots, celery, etc the night before and then take them the next day for snacks.
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Hi Caitlins,

I also try to be very budget-conscious in my shopping, and always carry my food with me. First and foremost, I shop by sales, and always plan my eating for the week out ahead of time. A lot of grocery store chains even post their sale fliers online, so you can check/make your shopping list before you go. I also try to buy store brands when I know they taste ok. Do you have access to a fridge/microwave at work or at school? I would suggest a pretty bag to be a lunchbox in a disguise and carry around with you, and a reusable water bottle. You can also get lunch boxes with a freezable/removable cold pack.

Veggies - when I cut up veggies (often weekends when I have more time) - carrot sticks, celery, cucumbers, salads, etc. I always cut up several days worth and store them in tupperwares or plastic bags. I keep a bottle of salad dressing at work, or either pour it on salad the AM I'm going to eat it or bring a small tupperware with dressing (salad can get soggy if you put the dressing on too far ahead of time). You don't have to refrigerate cut up veggies, IMO, for up to a day, as long as they don't get really hot. Frozen veggies often cost less and contain the same amount of nutrients as fresh, and you can thaw them at home/portion out the night before. Whatever's in season will be less expensive. Again, sales are your friend.

Fruit - ditto with fruit. Easy to carry, cut up ahead of time, shop what's in season and sales.

Dairy - Lowfat part skim mozzarella string cheese, lowfat yogurt, 2% cheeses, feta are all lower in fat, and have good protein.

Meat - Here I use sales. When boneless skinless chicken breasts, lean steak, center cut pork chops, or fish I like (my staples) are on sale, I get several pounds and freeze it until I use it. Or I'll buy the skin-on kind in a big pack, and de-skin and split up into 1 or 2 nights worth of chicken, freeze it with a marinade, and take it out of the freeze a day or two before I want to use it. Canned/envelopes of tuna is pretty cheap, too, and you can carry the envelopes & a fork with you for a lunch that needs no refrigeration.

Granola bars, protein bars - protein bars can be expensive, but can tide you over in a pinch. I look for granola bars that have a slightly higher protein content, again, I stock up when they're on sale.

Eggs - eggs are pretty cheap, and have good protein, and you can hard boil them and keep them in the fridge for days. You can also make scrambled eggs, over easy, etc. with 1 egg + 2 egg whites if you're more concerned about fat, for an inexpensive dinner.

Lunchmeat/sandwiches is my favorite portable lunch - I make a sandwich with whole wheat bread or pita bread, lean lunchmeat, veggies, mustard or hummus. Again, this doesn't have to be refrigerated for a few hours unless it's going to get hot.

Store brand whole wheat breads, wh wh. pita pockets, light english muffins, store brand bran flakes, brown rice are my grain staples. You can freeze bread for several months.

I cook a lot, but if you don't cook much, lean cuisines and other frozen meals, lean pockets, veggie burgers (Morningstar farms is my favorite) etc. can be good and fast. Just watch your sodium intake with packaged goods. I also cook a bunch and portion into single serving tupperwares to take with me when I won't be home for dinner - sort of making my own lean cuisines.

Whew, sorry for the diatribe! Hope this is helpful.
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I'm on Atkins, so my food lists probably wouldn't help you I'm going to school full-time also. I actually found that being in my own place liberates me. When I'm the one buying the food, I'm in control of what I buy AND of what I put in my mouth. When I'm home, I have everyone else's junk food to tempt me (living with my parents during breaks from college).

I would try to think of buying your own food as liberation and as a diet advantage. As for saving some cash, a couple things I do is: Buy in bulk and freeze meats (it's nearly always cheaper this way if you can catch a certain type of meat on sale), and buy store brand foods when they're nearly identical ingredient-wise (they almost always are).
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I'm in the same situation as you. I live on a college campus and just moved into my first apartment last week. There are breaks in my class schedule where I have to stay on campus for up to an hour and a half for lunch, so I pack sandwiches, granola bars, soup (in a thermos), etc. I also buy whatever is on sale, store brands, and make a lot of things from scratch to save money.
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I just recently graduated and am now working in a job with extremely long hours and very little pay! Meaning, I often eat lunch and dinner at the office and sometimes breakfast, as well. In order to make ends meet, I eat mostly beans, whole wheat couscous, and rely heavily on tuna and eggs for protein sources. I also buy frozen fish and cook that if I am in the mood for something special. I have some recipes that are cheap, fast, healthy, and easy if you want them. Just let me know.
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yes please Electron id appreciate it
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