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No more excuses!
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Lightbulb the little things that make your day fantastic...

Hi girls!

We all have experienced them.....little moments in life when everything feels so miraculous, wonderful, and perfect. It may be seeing your baby smile or going an extra 2 minutes on your jog. Whatever it is, I want to know! Tell me the moment of your recent days when you felt that the universe was in perfect harmony with you!

For me it was:
Waking up at 7am today (a saturday!), watching the sun rise as I jogged---and enjoying warm tea outside listening to the birds. and NOT watching tv immediately.

your turn!!

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i like driving over the cumberland river every morning on the way to work with the nashville skyline in the background. it reminds me of a postcard and it feels like home. i smile every time.
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Raised by a cup of coffee
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I just went for a walk on a nature trail. Absolutely gorgeous, and I bet its going to set the mood for the rest of my day, even though I'm working overtime at work and have been here for more than 4 hours already!
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When I gave my 4 year old lunch earlier today he damanded to know why there was no salad on his plate. Guess I'm rubbing off on him, lol. It was a nice giggle.
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Going the rest of the way
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There is a bald eagle's nest in a tree down the block from me; the eagles have returned every year now for seven years to raise their young. I pass it each day on the way to and from my bus to work. It's wonderful to see my neighbours -- many of whom usually are in a rush to get to work, school, city life -- stop and chat with one another as they stare up at the majestic birds. It's a wonderful break from the usual nose-down-march-to-work flow of the city, and it warms my heart everytime I see it or participate in it.

Even better are walks in the forest. I live right in the city, but it's a 15 minute drive to a nature reserve, with a lake and hiking trails and other such wonderful things. It helps centre me and is a wonderfully fun source of exercise. To me, there is no sound more beautiful than that of the wind blowing through evergreens while a stream babbles in the background.

Another perfect moment are those mornings when I wake up to the "four-way-spoon" with the cats -- a kitty snuggled behind my partner, who's snuggled behind me, with me cuddling our other kitty like a teddy bear. It's very warm and cozy, and is always one of those moments I want to live in forever. I love my little "family".

I'm feeling all warm and gooshy now...going to go hug a cat!
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I deserve to feel good!
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When I sit comfortably on the couch with my legs crossed....I never used to be able to cross my legs before!

When I get to the top of my mountain trail and my leg muscles are screaming and I can hardly breath and I'm sweating like a pig....and I sit down for a minute or two to look at the city skyline in the distance and catch my breath, it's so beautiful and I feel so accomplished sitting way up there by myself.
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Yesterday I had a two-fold memory. I went to the wedding of one of my friends and it was beautiful. Not only was it good to see two people who really at a perfect match get married - but also I went alone and didn't know anybody so it was a good exercise in coming out of my shell.

Waking up to the first rainy day in a long time - the smell of a rainy summer day in Oregon is amazing!
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mine has to be getting hugs from my daughter and hearing my son giggle for the first time(he's being stubborn and wont do it for me again yet lol)
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No more excuses!
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more more!

mine is waking up, looking out of my window and seeing the blue-grey 6:40am sky slowly turn into a blue-pink....and a sunrise
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