Gym Etiquette

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  • Oh, I tried that. She stopped what she was doing, walked over, and said "I was using that! You can have it when I'm done" and physically put her hand on it, in possessive fashion. I'm not going to escalate it beyond that...its not worth a cat fight!
  • Make-up at the gym drives me bonkers too. If you're THAT concerned with how you look, odds are you're not willing to risk sweating it off.

    I used to l-o-v-e the stairclimbers. Well, one day I went to the gym and the one I'd been on the day before was broken. I was so ashamed. I quit going then and there. I didn't go to the gym for a long time. Months later, my husband was pushing me to go and I finally told him why I quit. He said that it wasn't my fault; it's the Marines who play on the machines like children. And he's right! Full grown men will get on the cardio machines and just goof around. Drives me so bonkers that I now make it a point to go during their work day so I don't have to look at them.
  • I could horrify you with stories of the women's locker room... but I won't.

    The apt.complex gym we have- nobody wipes down the machines but me and dh, people are in there blaring the TV, one girl got mad because we were in there before her watching the TV while we worked out & she just came in and changed the channel & my hubby dared to say something to her about us watching it already... oh - and my favorite is people take their kids in there to "play" while they are working out...once this woman was letting her 4 year old play on one of the machines & when I came in & wanted to use it the kid had a hissy so I just left. WOW!

    I see flip flops at my work's gym all the time. I just wonder how they do it without injuring themselves.
  • I had a flip-flop person gym experience yesterday, sort of. I was in the gym using the elliptical as usual. These two girls walk in, one had on a full "sweat suit" under fleece pants and a long sleeve shirt (it was HOT yesterday). The other girl had on a dressy tank, nice shorts, and flip flops. So they both proceed to get on the treadmills, and I looked down at the girl with flip-flops like are you kidding me. Then she took them off, and proceeded to walk slowly on the treadmill while her friend ran. This girl went around with barefeet from machine to machine for about 30 minutes. What is wrong with some people?!?!?!
  • Haha, I do the full sweatsuit thing...I love Juicy Couture, so I'll often wear pants/jacket combos, and end up taking the jacket off most times. I keep a tanktop underneath.
  • Glitter-- Haha!! The grunting guys at my College gym are SO funny. I was at the gym once last semester with my friend, Becky, and we were using the ellipticals. There was a guy using the leg press several yards away.

    I own a pair of sound isolating headphones. They basically sit in your ear with foam around them (like earplugs and headphones in one), so I can barely hear any of the gym noise--not the whir of the machines or the music playing...but I heard this guy going "HRRRAAARRRRGH" over and over as he used the machine. I looked over at Becky and both of us cracked up everytime he did it. ALL the girls on the cardio machines were on the verge of laughter--it was really funny. But he was so full of himself, I don't think he noticed.
  • the gym i go to can be a bit of a meat market. i mean, i don't think i'm one bit attractive while i'm sweaty and my hair is all frizzy (and while i'm working out i'm not trying to look cute or pick up guys!!), but i always try to wear the frumpiest, baggiest clothes possible so i don't feel like i'm constantly getting the look-over. some girls seem to live for it, though.... hello, lady on the treadmill next to me, PLEASE put a shirt on!!