Have a date, and its 100 degrees!!! HELP!!!

  • Im going on a date, its 100 degrees outside. I will be outside the whole time. I have no idea what to wear. I wont wear shorts, I have some cute skirts but I always end up wearing some kind of leg warmers under them cuz I have scars on my legs, and there just ugly. What do I do?? Its so hot out here!!!

  • Can you wear a pair of capris and a tee? Or pairing the skirt with some leggings? Try to wear as light a colour as possible. I'm sure you'll look wonderful no matter what you wear Good luck and have fun!
  • I wear capris when its hot and I don't want to wear shorts/skirts.
  • Linen pants are great, too
  • I concur on capris--If you don't have any, though, go with light pants. Is it humid or not? I know in MI, when it's that hot, it's humid as well, but I still wear the capris. Shoes--sturdy but nice sandals. If you can walk in flip flops, I suggest those as well. As a shirt--do you have a baby-tee? Like, the shorter sleeves? Or any nice tank-top will work as well--that way you're cool on top, if not so much on the bottom
  • I also agree with the capris. I have just started wearing shorts/ shorter skirts or dresses. I've always been self concious about my legs because they are large and flabby but recently I've taken the midset that this is me and if someone else doesn't like it that is their loss. Good luck on your date.