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  • There was an article about this today in Yahoo's Life section...
  • Quote: Turbo...

    Let me know when you figure it out...shed some light on things for me!


    Amanda--- hey girl! I actually have read tons of books on automatic eating and impulsive eating. Here are a few things that completely rung a bell with how I do things: instead of gauging your hunger by how your body feels, an "automatic eater" (or emotional eater, etc) will often times take cues from "time" or "environment" instead of bodily cues.
    for example: you are are accustomed to eating lunch every day at noon, if you work in an office. many of us will eat right at noon, regardless of if we are even hungry (say, due to a big breakfast). this is a "time" cue, which we need to stop. pay attention to your BODY CUE.
    another is environmental cues. for example, are you used to coming home from work, turning on the tv and raiding the fridge? most of us aren't even hungry right when we get home---yet we do this because we are ACCUSTOMED to the environmental cues (getting home, tv sounds, kitchen, familiar space).

    let's try to listen to our body-cues instead of these others!!

  • I enjoyed reading the articles. Thanks for sharing!


    My problem with "body cues" is that I NEVER EVER feel hungry for breakfast. I am happy with just a couple of cups of coffee and I'm good until lunchtime. But I have proven that when I eat breakfast consistently, I lose weight.

    I think my body is just all screwed up

  • Vanessa M- Thanks for the link! Very good article. No one said reaching our goals was going to be easy. I like the quote "We fall so we can learn to pick ourselves up again." I am a terrible self sabotager and am trying really hard to change my ways. I lost 70lbs and have gained 40lbs back so instead of being 20lbs away from my goal I am 40lbs away. It is frustrating but I'm my own worst enemy.
  • Glad to be of service Lisa! I've referred back to that article several times during my loss. Not all of it applies to me but it still serves as a wake up call for me. I'm also my worst enemy... Best of luck to ya.
  • Yes. Everything you all have mentioned I am guilty of as well. Why do we do this to ourselves. We try so hard to loose weight then sabotage ourselves miserably.