P.F. Chang's

  • I'm meeting some old friends there tonight for dinner. Any suggestions for eating healthy or is it a total loss?
  • Oh no, P.F. Chang's is actually great. For starters, every bit of their nutritional info is posted online, which is AWESOME. I normally get an order of brown rice (and eat a small portion), spinach and an order of cantonese scallops. There are plenty of leftovers for a healthy meal the next day too!

    Definitely one of my favorite restaurants to go with other people, I can order stuff without feeling like I don't fit in. The only difficulty is when people want to SHARE and they eat all your scallops and you can't have their General Tsao's chicken. I get around this by serving my desired portions of brown rice, spinach and scallops onto my plate and not needing seconds.
  • Good idea about the the site! Those double-pan friend noodles are so tempting. But it looks like there are some good vegetarian options, like Buddha's feast. Even the stir-friend one is only 430 calories and 6g of fat!!! I'm so excited I found something to eat!
  • I like ordering Buddha's feast (steamed) and the lettuce wraps (as an entree.) They have great info online and all their nutritional info is based on the entire dish so if you share or take some home it ends up being fairly good on the calories.
  • P.F. Changs is definitely one of my favorites for eating out (luckily, for most of my work's offsite lunches they usually choose to go there). I was just there on Friday, I had the steamed Peking Dumplings - very good. I also like to get the chicken lettuce wraps as an entree.

    Have fun.
  • Mmm, I LOVE PF Changs! It's my standard b-day dinner each year. I'm so glad someone posted this, I'm off to check our their nutritional info now! I also love Pei Wei, their "fast-food" chain.
  • This is one of my favs, but I love the bad stuff.. chicken fried rice, honey chicken, steamed shrimp dumplings, etc. I am going in a few weeks with moms from our playgroup.. and I am going to have to be really strong. I've already warned them that no one who orders fried rice can sit next to me.. it just wouldn't be safe for them! lol