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Default Weaknesses

I'm a firm believer that saying something outloud (or typing it out, in this case) can help you fight it. I know we all have weaknesses when it comes to food, so let's get them out there so we know we aren't alone!

Okay mine are:

Pumpkin Pie
Sugary cereals
Stouffer's Chicken Pot Pie
Ranch Dressing

I'm sure once I read some of your replies my wheels will turn and I'll remember more.
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Hi, my name is Toni ("Hi, Toni."), and I am addicted to chocolate. Especially when TOM is around. I find it very addictive and next to impossible to resist.

Another would be breadsticks. I really like bread, especially in the stick form.
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Anything crunchy or sweet. I've learned not to keep anything like that in the house. If I want it bad enough I actually have to leave the house and go and buy a single serving size from a gas station or where ever it is sold. It has really helped me and my husband.
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I deserve to feel good!
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cheese popcorn
Buffalo wings with blue cheese
reeses peanut butter cups
bacon (or anything with bacon in/on it)
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No pain, no gain.
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Pizza, in any form.
Fetuccini alfredo.
Pretty much any kind of pasta.
Slim Jims.
Chips and french onion dip.
Hot dogs.
Grilled cheese.
French fries.
Arby's Melts and curly fries.
Pretty much fast food in general.
Those big, soft sugar cookies with the sprinkles and frosting on top.
Glazed doughnuts.
Gummi bears.
Cookie dough and cake batter.

Wow...thats a lot. Lol.

But it's all not worth risking my sucess for.
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haha..i have quite a list..

-ice cream, gelato, frozen custard, frozen yogurt
-cheesecake, or those yummy fruit tarts with custard
-i don't like birthday cake/cupcakes, but i love licking off the icing!
-hot cocoa with whipped cream
-grilled cheese with creamy tomato soup. mmm.
-tuna melt
-boardwalk/curly fries/chili cheese fries
-pizzas/pastas..italian food in general
-chicken/potato salad
-garlic bread/biscuits/crossiants/french pastries of any kind
-fried chicken, chicken tenders, chicken nuggets
-mashed potatoes
-potato chips (BBQ, sour cream, salt & vinegar)
-tacos, quesdillas, nachos with all the works
-BBQ ribs dripping with sauce
-caesar dressing, sour cream, honey mustard
-sausage/bacon egg and cheese on english muffins
-planter's mixed nuts, trailmix especially the nut and chocolate kind!
-wheat thins, ritz crackers, cheez-its (all kinds!)
- girl scout cookies (the only cookies i eat, i don't like any other kind)

wow. lol.

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Chocolate, big time. And anything so small I feel that I can have "just one more" (i.e. "fun size" candy). Most other things I can find a way to work into my daily calories but chocolate just makes me go overboard. Even more so if I'm stressed.
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Ok, here goes...

Fresh baked breads with butter.
Ranch dressing.
Reese's pieces and cups.
Fresh popcorn with butter and cheese powder.
whipped cream
cheesy sour creamy Mexican food
Pasta with cheesy garlic bread
Chicken tenders (with above-mentioned ranch dressing)
homemade french fries.
pretty much any kind of potato
maple sausage links
most cookies

Ok, that's it for now...

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egg rolls
fried dumplings
seasoned curly fries from JIB thank goodness there are no JIB's in GA. Although, the fries from Checkers come pretty close.
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I have quite a few things:
Cool Ranch Doritos
Any kind of ice cream (especially Ben and Jerry's)
Bread/potatoes in basically any form
Chocolate chip cookies
Blue cheese dressing
Chicken tenders/nuggets
Peanut butter cups
Gummy bears/worms

I have a few more but I think that'll do for now.
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I have quite a list, too... infact, I am convinced that my list is the longest one here! If it's bad for me, I LOVE IT!

Ice cream
Guacamole chips
...most chips
Most nuts
Trail mix (yeah yeah, I know it's not bad for you, but in the quantities I tend to eat it in, it is)
Wheat thins (NO, they're not THIN, and they won't MAKE you thin, they're just damn addicting)
French fries
Mexican food
Chinese food
Cajun food
Pasta and most Italian food
Soft, moist cookies
Fried chicken and chicken wings
Whipped cream
Fast food in general, even though I seldom eat it
Fried plantains and most Puerto Rican food, thanks to the girlfriend
Kettle corn
Cheese popcorn
Cheese in general... I LOVE CHEESE!
Donuts, especially cream filled ones... and coconut ones
Coconut cream pie
Any coconut dessert
Chocolate cream pie
Deep dish apple pie
Cherry pie
Key lime pie
...ok, I love pie
I love pudding, too
Jordan almonds
Fried and deep fried anything and everything, unless it's dripping with oil and not crispy (that really makes things unappealing)

And sadly, there are probably more.
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No more excuses!
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glitterlicious and nightengaleshane, you both are my food twins!!

-gummi bears
-taco bell!!!
- sugary cereal

its really awful how I crave the same CRAP EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! only within the last week have I reeaaaally pushed myself to PUT the food items back on the shelf and say NO.

plus, it reeeally helps to not keep the food in the house. if I DO buy chips to eat with a friend, i have them keep it all at their house.

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Am I there yet?
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Haha, can I just say food in general is my weakness???

- pizza, especially if it's from Little Caesar's
- Cake batter ice cream from Coldstone
- gummy bears
- fried okra
- donuts
- the buttery popcorn you get at the movie theater
- dr. pepper
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I have to add cheese, since I realized today that it's really hard to have a sandwich without it. I ended up adding a piece of swiss to my sandwich and it added 70 calories and 5 grams of fat. Blah.

Speaking of sandwiches, bread is a really big one for me, along with cereal. I'm beginning to learn that I eat a whole lot of carbs, most of them coming from the bread and cereal that I love to eat.
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Going the rest of the way
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-ice cream
-pastries (though the last time I had one, I felt disgusting afterwards)

My traditional biggest weakness, though: PORTIONS.
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