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Default need some vacation/diet/exercise advice

hey ladies!

i hope this new week will go well for all of you. i'm getting closer and closer to my goal weight, ahh...maybe i'll even get there when the fall semester starts up! anyways, i need your help!...

i'm going on vacation next week with my family in china for two weeks, and i would love any advice i can get to help me not get off plan or gain weight. i don't expect to lose any weight, but maintaining my weight during my vacation would definitely be fine with me. we're going to 3 cities in china, and there isn't going to be a gym at two of the three hotels. we're going to be sightseeing a lot outdoors, and climbing up mountains, so i'll get some walking in, and i asked my mom to help me restrict and watch what i eat too.. but i still want to know what other things i can do? thanks girls! i'll need all the help i can get.
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Four words...Eat The Local Food. DH and I are stationed in Japan and, with the exception of their fast-food places, the restuarants are about a hundred times better than the U.S.

If you guys go to the Great Wall of China for a day, that's a LOT of walking.

I think just touring around, walking to/from subway (instead of taking cabs everywhere), and all that will help. You'll be so active for those two weeks, your metabolism should burn at a fairly steady, high rate.
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I deserve to feel good!
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Muscle burns more calories and strength exercises can be done anywhere! pushups,reverse pushups, lunges, squats, situps, etc. can all be done in your hotel room. To get a good variety of exercises you can pick up any fitness magazine and they usually have atleast one article showing different moves. If you want to bring equipment pick up a resistance band, it will take up hardly any room at all in your luggage. Other than that all the walking you'll be doing should be plenty.
Have fun!!
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I would also take a jump rope along if you want to get in some extra cardio. It may be tough to stay OP while you're over there. The food is REALLY good and it isn't so healthy. They do have little supermarkets where you can try to get some fresh fruit. But, enjoy yourself, you'll have a great time!
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When my family and I went to Maine for a week at the beginning of this month, we went to the grocery store there and got fruit, veggies, water, and sandwich stuff. We had sandwiches for lunch most days and went out for breakfast and dinner. I also tried not to eat a big breakfast, just a bagel or some oatmeal. I don't know if that's plausible for your trip, but it helped me not gain any weight on vacation.
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