Bathing Suits

  • Yes....even big girls like me want to get wet sometimes! Do you own a swim suit? Is it a 1 piece? bikini? tankini? skirtini?

    I haven't owned a bathing suit in years and I got tired of it! Whenever anyone said "lets go swimming" I always used the I-don't-have-a-swimsuit excuse because I was too embarassed to be seen in so little clothing! But I've lost quite a bit of weight and although I'm still a big girl by my standards(i'm a size 14) I said "screw it!" and bought a cute skirtini the other day. I didn't necessarily like the way everything looked but it was acceptable when I looked in the mirror (which is closer to happiness than I've ever felt in a swimsuit!). But now I'm panicking a boyfriend said one of his friend's from work is having a pool party on saturday and he said we'd be there...Even though I bought the suit and it looked okay I don't know if I have the guts to wear it in public yet, argh!!! Anyhoo, this has turned into just a long ramble, sorry!
  • I didn't realize there was already a thread about swimsuits, sorry! But I suppose they are sort of different topics....I'm just looking for a general idea of what people out there are wearing...
  • Dear, dear Wisher--
    I'm over 300 lbs., and I have a suit. Two, actually. And, yes, I swim. Well, actually, with all my weight, I actually bob. I float, my fat is so much, so I am almost out of control when I try to swim a crawl. I kind of gave it up, and just did some of my own aerobic moves, rather frog like, but I do it for a while until I feel my muscles protest.

    I swim in a lake, with lots of kids around. I'm sure I've gotten some scowls, but, y'know, I am too old to worry about pleasing everybody, or hiding away from the things I truly enjoy. If you love to swim, I say go on out there and enjoy.

    If you're with friends who love you, NO ONE is gonna judge you. Have FUN! Life's too short, etc., etc. You know what? It's true. If I can do it shamelessly at 300+, you can do it at size 14.

    Good luck, and HAVE FUN!
  • thanks for the words of wisdom! I think I actually would feel better if I was with my friends, but I don't know ANY of the people who will be there on saturday, I guess that's where most of my anxiety is coming from....I don't want to be judged!

    What kind of suit do you have? I actually do really like the 2 piece I bought, however I can't get a conversation out of my head that I overheard a couple of months ago. I was browsing the swimsuits in target and there were a couple of young (probably 17 or 18) girls a couple of racks over and one girl pulled out a plus size bikini and said "Yuck, why do they even make them this big? Anyone this size should NEVER wear a bikini!" The rational side of my brain is saying "so what? who cares what a bunch of shallow teenagers think?" But the insecure side of my brain is saying "that's what people are going to say about me!"

  • for the pool party, just get one of those cute coverups....I have black one and a white one....both are kinda big fish nets ya know, like big crochet stiches.....they work so well......if you get that kind, though, be careful, cuz you will sunburn right through 'em
  • I'm a small 16 almost down to a 14 and I own a swim suit. It is a 16, I got it at the begining of the summer. I wear it to the pool at my apartment and I wore it to the beach when I went to daytona this summer. I didn't get any negative comments. Actually I got told it was very cute from most people. It is a 2-piece, tankini top and skirt bottom.

    So I say go for it and don't care what anyone else thinks!