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I deserve to feel good!
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Default The Best Thing Someone's Ever Said

So I thought it would be nice to hear the best thing someone has ever said since on this weight loss journey.

Mine comes from someone on this board, they said I was an inspiration to them!! That was so cool to hear, I never thought I could be an inspiration to someone else, it's always been the other way around!!
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You've come a long way! You are an inspiration!

My mom told me last night that I am looking great and she's proud of how far I've come and how hard I'm working.

That made me feel good!
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I love the I word! Very powerful! I've gotten lots of compliments, but the one that always resonates with me is when someone said, "if you can lose that much weight, what CAN'T you do?" I tell myself that too, but I'm always constant with the lack of motivation in other areas of my life. I always say I've depleted my motivation resevoir for the weight loss.
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I have received a lot of complements since I've started losing weight. The best one I've received since losing the weight is "Wow" long pause, "You look good" from a friend of mine that hadn't seen me since I was like 280.

But the best thing someone had ever said to me was 3 years ago from a friend I had known for a few months. We were playing truth or dare jenga and my friend pulled a truth block and her "truth" was saying your opinion of everyone in the room, she looked at me and said, "to be completely honest, you are the most genuine and nice person I've every met. I wish I could be like you." She didn't have to say that about me. She could of said something superficial (like she said about others) and but instead she said that.
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Back to make it to goal!
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What a wonderful thread, I was going to add to the negative remarks, but thought I would get a bit depressed with my own memories.
Well as of late, my co-workers have been very impressed with my weight loss and have been complimenting me everyday, but the best one so far comes from my friend who doubted that I would be able to this.She told me why bother, when I'll just fail anyways.Hmmm.....who's wrong now? She told me she was sorry, and that now I'm her inspiration! I thought that was pretty awesome!
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Hot Mama
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my fave thing so far has come from my hubby
he said that i'm starting to look like the woman he fell in love with 7 years ago, i wasnt hiding in a baggy tshirt or baggy jeans.
it actually felt kinda good to wear a really cute top i hadnt worn in 2 years and a pair of fitted capris(i did the dreaded jeans shopping on friday)
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I haven't been loosing weight for long and have been pretty isolated during that time (summer, living away from home for the first time waiting for school to start up) so no one has seen the difference to comment.

My boyfriend did say I was Drew Barrymore cute. I don't know exactly what that means, but I'll take that as a compliment. :P
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I don't have a favorite yet but I got 4 compliments yesterday and I was on top of the world.
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one of my co-workers told me that i was 'fiercely glamorous' the other day. and i proceeded to get 3 more compliments afterward.

my mom told me that shes super proud of me, too. she said that i looked 'firmer' the other day. awesome!
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"you look different" lol coming from someone who was just as big as i was.. one of those type of girls that doesnt like to admit that you look better.. u know the kind, the ones who are ok when your at your worst and they "support" you and everything and once you start looking better they tend to act like they dont notice anything and start acting different lol.
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at my heaviest, a super cute guy radomly told me I looked beautiful.
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Lonesome girl
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A friends mother who hadn't seen my on a long time said:
"Oh my god, I didn't recognize you for a moment, you've lost weight." Then she pointed me out to this guy beside her. "This girl looks good now, she used to be really chubby and now she is thin."
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Once more, with feeling!
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I get 90% of my positive comments from the women in my life. It's not that the men are mean, it's just that they don't always notice or think to say something. When I get a "looking good, Lisa" comment from a guy, it buoys me up for the whole day.
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Compliments are always so fun and motivating to hear! Here are a few of my favorites:

I lady (in amazing shape) that works out in the mornings at the same time as me everyday told me I have an awesome butt and she wishes hers looked like mine.

At a party this weekend I work a new dress that's rather fitted on top and into the waist and then flows out. Like seven people both stranges and people I know commented on how cute my "tiny" waist is (granted it is small compared to my excellent birthing hips hehe). I've always been a big girl so to be called tiny put me on cloud nine!

I was talking to my sister about weight and she was amazed that I'm the same weight as her because she always thought I was smaller and weighed way less... sounds somewhat like an insult but I took it as a compliment because it goes to show how decieving muscle weight can be!

I like this thread, it's very uplifting!
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I was out running errands with no make-up on, in grungy clothes...jeans and a t-shirt that says, "I <3 my Marine." This random Marine walks up to me and says, "Nice shirt. Has the position been filled?" I was so startled I could barely answer...not to mention the rosy red cheeks. Made my day.
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