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Default Now that I'm smaller, people keep hitting on my boyfriend!

Has anyone else experienced this?

I have lost about 70 lbs. For some reason, when my boyfriend and I have been out lately, women have been hitting on him! Even though we are clearly a couple and together. It has just been since I have lost the weight...and when we are together. He hasn't changed (and has actually put on some weight...he is 6'4'' and probably over 370 lbs). We have been together almost 4 years, and this just never happened.

Last night this woman came up behind us (we were sitting on chairs watching a concert) and started rubbing her chest against his head, and doing other things! Even when asked to go away, she kept coming back over. And...she was looking at me the whole time, and was laughing!

I really wanted to tell her that I was going to stick her beer in a not so nice place. Her hair was crimped (like 80's style). Instead, I got up and went over by her and told her that "if she didn't stop it, I was going to pour her beer all over her crimped hair...and that it would take her a long time to re-crimp it." I do not know why I said this, but I guess I hit her where it hurts! She didn't come near us for the rest of the night.

This just seems really strange to me! It almost seems like these women are trying to get a rise out of me. Usually I just ignore it because it isn't worth my time, but she was ruining my night last night. Why is he all of a sudden so desirable?
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Congratulations on your weight loss. I wis I could have seen the episode with the crimped hair person!Very funny. i don't have any advice as to what to do in that situation.
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First off, on your loss! Didn't your boyfriend say anything to this woman? My DH gets hit on every now and then and he makes it clear that he is not interested. I've even caught him doing it when he doesn't realize I'm there or can hear. Its actually pretty sweet

In other news, I got hit on this weekend for the first time since starting to lose weight. Of course, normally I go everywhere with DH and I was on travel alone for work. And the guy seemed nice and we were just having a normal conversation and then he said some HORRIBLE pick up line. Ok so maybe I shouldn't be happy that some guy hit on me if he's a sleazeball
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LOL that's pretty funny. As for women hitting on him more now that YOU'VE lost weight - it's a sad but true fact that women tend to gauge their interest in men by the company they're with. If they're with someone that the woman views as ugly that brings their interest down. Now if they're with someone they view as hot [hey, that's you!] they become more interested. Even if the guy is someone they wouldn't consider attractive in the first place - just his mere attachment to someone hot makes him more 'valuable'.
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