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when i was younger and real tubby i thought i was fat so i went on one of those 'oh god im so fat im going to starve myself' diets that only last 5mins and it was the last day of term and my teacher went round with a box of chocolates for everyone and i refused one and everyone else all skinny gobbling down their chocs looked at me in amazment and i heard someone say "why doesnt the fatty want chocolate? oh shes probably already ate a feast for breakfast"and everyone laughed ! :'( and then later my friends were teasing me with them so i secretly bagged about 10 from the box she left on her desk! mwahahahahahahaha! fatty got skills

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All of these are such horrible stories! I hope that someday all those people look back and understand what they've done.
For me, probably the one story that stands out the most is in my junior year of college one of the girls in our apartment (there were 6 of us) had her friends over. It was late, they'd been drinking, and my roomate and I were the room right next to the common area. They were really loud and I came out and asked (for the umpteenth time) if they could tone it down, because we were headed to bed. The last time the guys started making comments about me and how fat I was because they were mad. I actually don't really remember what they said, just that I told my roomate it wasn't a big deal, even though it hurt.
I must give her credit though, she was my best friend in college and she went out and chewed out the boys about what they were saying. They probably took it better from her...she was a size 4 then.

I'm sure other things have happened, but that is the only one I can think of now.
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I know exactly what you are all talking about. My grandpa used to make snide comments all the time....when I was younger I used to just laugh it off but when I got older, I finally told him to stop bc it hurt....
A teenage girl hearing one of her loved ones call her a fat A$$ was the most hurtful ever...For example, I fell outside in the "SNOW" (****, oklahoma has ice....but we like to call it snow to make us feel adequate I guess...haha!) and he laughed and said, "Oh no...I bet people in New York are wondering about that earthquake they just felt..." Hardee...har....har....funny GRAMPS....keep in mind WHO finds your nursing home in the still hurts some I'll tell him I've lost weight....and he'll ask if my shoes fit better bc now my pinky toe is skinnier..(meaning that that is all that has lost a$$) so now...I have learned to not say a word...and do it fo me...and ignore him.....I love him so much...but sometimes I just wanna yell at him......
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I know all about having people say rude things to me about my weight and not even thinking how I might feel! I have about 15 pounds to lose. I'm a petite girl at 5 feet tall. Well lately people have been asking me if i'm pregnant!!!!! I almost died with embarrassment.

I just started my diet again today. It's been a little over a month again. I go back and fourth all the time. I always want to eat for any reason. I can eat and eat and eat. When I know I can't do this to myself any longer, I never know what to do with myself. It takes so long to lose the weight too. I have no motivation anymore!!!
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Default so mean

When I was younger, I was lucky in the fact no one was ever really mean to me, I got occasional comments...but nothing to terrible, my older brother used to tease me...come to find out he used to have a weight problem and he thought by teasing me he would convince me to lose lol

I think the thing that has hurt me the most is not a comment made to me but made to my 9 y/o nephew. My nephew used to be REALLY thin, but now he is chubby. He is really active, it's just that his diet is terrible.
So he came to me one day and was really upset, because he told his mom that he wanted to go on a diet (A word I wish no 9 y/o knew) and his mom said "Yeah right blake, what kind of diet a see-food diet, you see food and you eat it" I wanted to Kill her at this point, where does she think he developed his eating habits from? ...She used to eat at Micky Ds TWICE a day...and the only time she EVER cooks its hamburger helper or frozen pizza. AND for my final rant about her..the only reason she isn't over weight anymore is because she had yea Congrats to her for making her 9 year old son feel like CRAP .....
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I can remember my mom always being concerned about my weight (although I was not that overweight) because she was always very thin as a child and through her twenties. One day, in an act that I believe was fueled by good intentions that failed miserably, she wanted us to weigh ourselves to compare. I think I was about twelve, but I had already reached full height by then. I don't remember what she weighed, but I was 117. She said to me, "I only weighed that when I was pregnant."

Reading all of these posts makes me realize how often people say and do hurtful things. Even as an adult, I sometimes feel like it only happens to me. Thank you all for sharing your moments and helping us remember we are not alone. Hugs to you all!
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It's not what someone said per say , it's what a truck load of high school aged boys did , I found out how embarrasing it is when a truck load of guys MOO's at you in a parking lot.....that absolutly devistated me...
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Ugh, people can be the worst! I had the most awful time in middle school and the early years of highschool. I was about twenty pounds heavier and a couple inches shorter... guys would always joke each other when I walked by, "Oh, why don't you ask her out?" And then laugh really loud... man, people suck.
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A few incidents stick in my head...
- A few years ago in college after a night out in the college bar the female bathrooms were closed so I had to use the mens...all I could hear were the guys outside singing 'who ate, who ate all the pies'

- After I'd lost about 60lbs, only a few months ago, I was on a night out and was told that I shouldn't be in a bar and drinking. When I asked why he said 'because you're pregnant'. nice.

People can be so thoughtless!
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Wow some of these stories are horrible. Mine isn't nearly as bad but at the time it felt horrible (still sort of does) but one day a few years ago I went to work and I was checking my schedule. A co-worker asked me 'Have you always been this big?' and I said 'Excuse me?' and she said 'You're bigger. Have you always been this big? You've gained weight.' I was so surprised by her rudeness that I couldn't say a word I just walked away.
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My FIL said jokingly to me, "Go DIVE off into the pool!" I replied, "No thanks!". So, he then says "Well then, go do a CANON BALL!" We both laughed. Then my wicked MIL had to reply with, "Gesh Donnie, we want the water to stay IN the pool!"

I just laughed when she said it but then I cried on my way home. When I told my DH about it he was furious! So, he said something to her about it. She ended up calling me and telling me that due to the drought was while she did not want it to be splashed. Of course I know that she meant what she said she was just trying to dig herself out since her son was mad!

I have just had a baby too so not something to say to a hormonal woman!
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