***July 9-15 Chat Thread***

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  • Thanks for the congrats, gals I will most definitely buy myself a cute new outfit for my birthday and it will unquestionably be a "free" day. I'm going to finally be 21- it's time to go DRINKINGGGGGG!! I'm throwing a huuuuge party at the end of August... **** yeah!

    I will make a point of my birthday outfit being a size 6. It probably will fit pretty snug on the day I buy it, but once I lose 15 more pounds and hit 145, I'm pretty sure it will fit beautifully.

    Oh... kateconfessional... carb detox only lasted 5 days for me. I would have done it for longer, but I got broke and had to pay rent. See, I couldn't very well say to the landlord, "uhh, sorry, can't make rent this month, I HAVE TO CARB DETOX!" I'm trying to limit my carbs to 100g a day, though, 150 tops - and I think that is probably helping somewhat, considering before trying to lose weight, I ate around twice that <----yeeeah I LOVE CARBS.

    also, advice for you, kate: try switching up the fruit with eating veggies with every meal. Even though fruits ARE generally not bad for you and low in calories, some of them can be high on the glycemic index... foods high in the glycemic index are sometimes known as "bad carbs" because they give you the instant sugarbuzz that leaves you tired and hungry later. http://www.glycemicindex.com - check it out.