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Jmeezay 07-03-2007 04:15 PM

Alcohol and calories....
So I think a lot of us in this age range have pretty active social lives. Once you surpass 21, much of it can also involve alcohol.

Now I'm lucky in that I mainly drink wine, which isn't too bad when it comes to caloric value (6 oz is a serving, white is around 120, red is about 130). Plus, red wine is good for the heart in moderation. Beer isn't THAT bad as long as you don't have too many (12 oz = 150).

But mixed drinks can be a problem for a lot of us. I do like a good margarita or mojito, which can get up there. Plus, parties are hard as friends often serve you WAY more than 1 serving at a time. So have you guys come up with any alternatives to balance this out?

I figured this would be helpful during this time of year!

Romeos Girly 07-03-2007 04:21 PM

ooh, margaritas and mojitos, yum! It's important to remember that sweet mixed drinks are like having dessert, but there are other cocktails that are lighter. My favorites for keeping it like is Gin and Tonic and Rum and Diet Coke. Both only take their calories from the alcohol not their mixers which makes them lighter. You also may want to pace yourself a little more by order diet sodas and avoid fatty bar snacks. All of which is easier said than done...

mandalinn82 07-03-2007 04:23 PM

Make sure you're ordering diet tonic! A can of tonic has as many calories as a can of soda. But most bars have diet tonic on-hand, and you can certainly keep it at home for drinks you make yourself.

Jmeezay 07-03-2007 04:48 PM

I loathe tonic, blech! *lol* I have heard that it does have a weird amount of calories, which is deceiving since its called "tonic water."

When I do get margaritas, I often ask for orange juice and fresh lime juice instead of Rose's lime and sour mix. Then I just add a 1/2 packet of splenda at the table or from my purse. Voila! Awesome drink! Another twist is to use cranberry juice instead of the sour mix...that's good too. Again, add some splenda if its not sweet enough for ya.

You can technically do the same with a mojito...just don't get any sugar and add some splenda (as you can see, I loves me some splenda *lol*).

Not to mention that I often do a lot of dancing if I'm drinking, so that helps too!

Alaynna 07-03-2007 06:44 PM

I use to love my margarita's...but after going 9-10 months without any alcohol during pregnancy...I actually don't drink anymore. Thanks goodness...because those strawberry margarita's have a lot of calories.

mandalinn82 07-03-2007 06:54 PM

I was at Target the other day, and in their seasonal/picnic items section I found splenda-sweetened margarita mix. Didn't buy any, but it had about 10 calories for a serving. You can't get it out at a bar, obviously, but it might be good for a party at home.

NightengaleShane 07-04-2007 09:27 AM

I love alcohol and getting tipsy... but I haven't even drank since St. Patty's Day.

Some friends and I are planning to get drink tonight. One of them is going to make camacazies, which taste like key lime pie. Yum. The thing is, I'm SURE they're LOADED with calories and sugar! :( They'll also have BEER, which is full of calories and carbs as well. I'm not 21 yet (will be next month), but I'm going to try to get my girlfriend to buy some gin and tonic... both diet and regular (she hates diet) or rum (which might be tough because she had a bad rum & coke experience, but rum + diet coke = no calories or carbs).

Drinking is so difficult when you're dieting! :mad: Also, I'm doing a carb detox that I started 2 days ago, in hopes to give my metabolism a swift kick in the rear. See, I've hit a mini plateau, and haven't lost any weight for over a week, and I want to make sure I'm continuing my progress. So, I'm limiting my carb intake to 20g or less of impact carbs for two weeks in hopes to at least get rid of 5 pounds.

NightengaleShane 07-04-2007 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by mandalinn82 (Post 1758723)
I was at Target the other day, and in their seasonal/picnic items section I found splenda-sweetened margarita mix. Didn't buy any, but it had about 10 calories for a serving. You can't get it out at a bar, obviously, but it might be good for a party at home.

Ooooh, I wonder if it tastes any good...

Jmeezay 07-04-2007 02:04 PM

Oooh I've gotta check that margarita mix at Target! Last night was major temptation...I was at a Mexican place that serves awesome margaritas.

zenor77 07-04-2007 02:52 PM

I only drink wine and I try to limit myself to a 4oz glass (85 cals.) I try to only have one or two glasses since the damage alcohol does to your liver out weighs the heart benefits if you drink too much.

I also really like a vodka gimlet occasionally too (150 cals.) Yum!

NightengaleShane 07-05-2007 09:23 AM


Originally Posted by preppieblonde (Post 1759593)
^ rum actually has about 90 calories in an oz.

Yeah, if it's coconut rum or some of that Puerto Rican stuff...
Bacardi and Diet Coke, they say, has zero calories and zero carbs.;)

NYCT1981 07-05-2007 10:48 AM

bacardi definitely has calories... but i've heard that a lot of people think it doesnt... weird. def has zero carbs though. my drinking strategy is to alternate between vodka and club soda and just club soda (w/ lime)... helps me to pace myself and save some calories. i try to budget like 400 cals when i go out. but drinking also lowers inhibitions so by the end of the night, i'm like "WHERE'S THE PIZZA???" haha, i have to convince myself to just go to bed.

krazeedaisey 07-05-2007 11:40 AM

So I no doubtedly have the same troubles as everyone else...when I drink @ home I usually drink vodka 1.5 oz = 2 weight watchers points = about 100 calories. So how I do it is have diet Crush (orange, cream soda, grape) its made with splenda, or I drink it with flavoured water that way I only have to count the calories for the booze. When I'm out @ the club I like vodka lime and seven up...but to save on calories every second drink I substitute water for the pop and keep the lime juice. It works for me :)

aabukoski 07-05-2007 02:45 PM

If I don't order a glass of wine at the bar, I order a diet coke and vanilla vodka or a diet coke and malibu, even though sometimes the diet coke is just not as good as a pineapple or cranberry juice. :( The calories are low, but add up quickly, but my train of thought is that if I'm going to consume extra calories, I'd rather it from the liquor, not the mixer.

Jmeezay 07-05-2007 08:34 PM

As far as the Bacardi debate, I just went onto the website and its 65 calories for 1 ounce of the gold, anejo or superior. With their flavored rums, it only goes up to about 68 calories for 1 ounce. So that would make Bacardi and diet coke around 65 calories with no carbs. Just wanna make sure y'all are informed!

I had 3 beers last night (I was hanging out with a guy I really like), but I've been VERY picky with my food and consistent with my exercise to try to balance it out. Oh and I've stopped giving in to the post-drinking hunger! YAY!

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