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  • Quote: As a guy I switched from beer to rose wine, does anyone know how many calories are in a large glass of rose, I never get a small glass, everyone pours me a big one
    I just looked it up on and each fluid ounce has 21 cals. so an 8 ounce glass would be 168 cals.
  • hey ladies...for those of you who like beer some low cal ones are...
    miller light, michalob ultra, bud select,and aspen edge, these all have less then 100 cal. Sad though my favorite, blue moon has 171..but oh so delicious! I read somewhere that guiness is only supposed to have 10 cal per oz. so for a dark beer that's pretty darn good. Happy Drinking
  • Light beer is only "light" because they add more water to it when they make it.

    According to everything I looked up guiness has 210 calories per pint. But nowhere does it say if that is a US pint (16oz) or an Imperial Pint (20 oz.) So it does seem that guiness is somewhere between 10-13 calories per oz. Which is the average that fitday has for regular beer anyway. I think the problem with beer is that (especially if tasty) you drink more than just one.
  • I am so glad I read this thread. Thanks for posting up about the Crystal-Light! That's a brilliant idea as far as I'm concerned, haha! From now on I'm having vodka and water and mixing it with crystal light, I don't care how goofy I look mixing in my crystal light at the bar!
  • Im still in a self-imposed hybernation mode from posting until I can really get myself on track, but this is something I will break for and add my two cents.

    When I used to live with my mother in PA, I used to drink at least twice a week... Saturday nights were party nights at my friend's house, when me and my friends would get wasted and play drinking games (and I was the only one of legal age to drink... once I tured 21 lol). And after I turned 21 Tuesdays was out with a small group of friends to a local bar.

    Once I moved down here with DB, I drank less because he doesnt drink much and I didnt have many friends down here. So I got a rule - I am allowed to get drunk on a predetermined goal - my next one is once I get back to 169ish, out to a beach with a couple friends. I also allow myself one or two social drinking nights, when I'll go out to a bar and have a couple rum and diet cokes. Not to get drunk, but just to hang out. I find that doing it like that helps keep me from stalling. And also from smoking - Im a former pack-a-day smoker who can't quite kick smoking while im drunk, unless its just me and DB and i dont buy any beforehand, since he doesnt smoke.

    Of course, I have drank a lot in the last two months.. no wonder my weight is up at 175, huh?
  • Before when I would have one strawberry daiquiris usually, I always alternated between mostly water and diet coke and coke. Another tip is to sip. It's amusing to be the only one that is stone-cold sober at times.
  • i'm bad.
    I am so bad compared to you guys...I have cut back my drinking to once a week or less but when I drink I drink A LOT. You would think I'm still stuck in college... I mean I try to stick to Coors Light and Michelob Ultra but I don't have just one or two, more like 6 to 10. And I know that's a million calories... I'm not an alcoholic, I just enjoy getting a good buzz in a social environment. I sort of have a reputation for being able to hold a lot of alcohol without it affecting me...but that means its expensive and more calories!
    But now that I see that you guys are doing so well with cutting back, maybe I can cut way back too.
    Thanks for the posts everyone!
  • Ahh nights on the town. I've been pretty good about this while away from campus, but as soon as my return to school, I can feel the bars calling my name! I'm a Captain and Diet Coke girl down to the bone. According the website, 1 oz of captain is 60 calories, so these aren't horrible for you, but they do add up! My problem area comes in beer for drinking games. Drinking games are my favorite part about going out! But the calories realllly add up. I'm hoping to take it easy this semester, but I hope I can stay committed!

    As for the post-drinking munchies, I've found having a few pretzels over a pizza will save my calories (and my bank account) alot of grief.