Hello~ Just wanted to introduce myself finally!

  • Hello everyone new here just wanted to introduce myself, My name is kimberly im 22 will be 23 august 25th im married have been since may 17th of 2003 I have to precious little girls first born is Riley she's 2 will be 3 august 29tth littlest one is 3 months old today I have been lurking around for a while and decided if i wanted something in my life to change i needed to do something about it! Im nursing so there's not too many diet's i can do but i just want to shed some weight the healthy way and set a better example for my girls i want them to be confident! and i know it starts with me! Im excited to get to know you all and hope i can find some advice and friendships here! Im here to get inspired to keep my healthy goals in mind and make new friends along the way! ~ Kimberly
  • Hi Kimberly! to 3FCs and the 20somethings section. Be sure to check out the Pregnant-Nursing section of Dieting with Obstacles. I'm sure the gals there have some great advice on how to lose weight while nursing.

    I'm glad you want to do this the healthy way; young girls grow up with so many conflicting messages about their bodies. They need positive role models to show them how to be healthy!
  • Welcom to the board!

    Congrats on your newborn...I also have a newborn (1 1/2 month old). So I am on here trying to lose the last of my pregnancy weight. Good luck with your diet..I am sure you can find something that can suit you.
  • welcome kimberly congrats on the 2nd baby girl! it's really good to hear that you want to get back into shape the healthy way. we're all here to help and support you!
  • thanks for the welcome! i see there's some good weight loss here what's everyone doing? anything specific or just good ol eating and sweating? Oh and cute baby by the way alaynna!
  • Thanks...Your girls are cute too...I love the pic

    as for your question: I just changed me diet back to what I had done before I got pregnant (which helped me lose 35 pounds last year) and I am walking/jogging. It's done pretty well so far..
  • Your doing great, I would DIE to weigh 148 lol... Im going to try turbo jam it looks fun i hope i can lose some without having to diet too much i would rather work out all day! not that i don't eat healthy i just hate counting and keeping track of every bite! are you nursing? i think it's a bunch of crap it helps you lose weight at least it is for me lol!

  • You're going to find a lot of great help around here. You daughters are beautiful. What are you planning on doing for your weight loss?
  • Welcome! I hope you love it here as much as I do.

    Your daughters are lovely, and it's wonderful you've decided to set such a good example for them. Best of luck with your goals!
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome Kimberly!!!

    We're glad you're here, and looking forward to hearing more from you!!
  • right now i don't really have any plans i just want to eat better than im eating now and workout alot i need to get off my butt lol! I like to workout i just need to get into it again thanks for the welcome! I feel like it's harder to lose any weight now that i have 2 kids lol it's holding on for dear life!