Getting back at it

  • I've had about four days of bad eating just recently, like we are talking way over my calorie limits for the day, I've stopped counting already. I haven't weighed myself cause I know that I wouldn't still be at 141 lbs. I was wondering how many days of good eating can undo what I've done.

  • I am battling that now. I went out of town for a week and gained 7 pounds. Now a week back from vacation, being on plan, i have lost 4.4. So usually for me, it takes twice as long as it took to gain it, to take it back off. But it depends on how bad you splurged.
  • It usually takes me about 2-4 days to recover from a bad week.

    Most of it isn't true weight but water weight so it's easier to take off.

    The trick is to take care of it now before it becomes a problem.

    Good luck and best wishes.