Scale question....

  • I was just wondering what kind of scales are the best.....I have one regular one and one digital......What is more accurate?

  • I prefer my digital scale! I think it's easier to see your progress... because even if you only lose, like, .2 pounds, that's still a loss and It's easier to see on a digital scale.
  • I have both...but I like the digital the best...because it does half pounds too...and sometimes when it's early in the morning, I can read the digital better than having to squint to read the other scale
  • I like the digital too, in order to see increments of 0.5...I would like to get one that measures in 0.2 one day.
  • I am a digital fan also. Mine stores my past weights upto something like 100 entries. It seems to be pretty accurate.
  • I agree with everyone else. I've had both and the digital is the better choice.
  • I'm definetly a fan of the digital scale.

    Much more accuarate and precise.
  • I like digital better as well. I have one that has 0.2 pound increments.
  • I also like my digital as well. More accurate... but i do weigh more on it! grrrr.
  • I actually have both...and like both, so Im no help lol.
  • I love my digital one. First I can see it without my glasses (which I don't wear as they could make me a tiny bit heavier!!), and second it does the .2 increments. I keep the regular one around though, just in case the digital gives me a weight I don't believe.