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i'm not a cereal/waffles/etc type of breakfast person either, i have to be really in the mood for cereal in order to eat it.

but for breakfast, here are some ideas..
egg whites with chopped tomato, and sauted mushrooms, with half an english muffin.
one whole english muffin with natural yogurt "butter" spread, and light and fit vanilla yogurt with blueberries
scrambled egg whites with melted reduced fat provolone cheese and an apple

for lunch, i usually make myself a sandwich with whole wheat english muffins with lettuce/spring mix, a slice of tomato, cucumbers, mustard, with honey turkey.
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For breakfast I also do the instant oatmeal but the banana
low sugar quaker instant oatmeal, they have it at Target
and it is like 100 calories a pack and it tastes good! No lie!

I also do fiber one and berries with milk or yogurt.

When I use to high protein diet I made protein shakes
with stawberry protein poweder from GNC with milk
and water and ice. Those were under 200 calories and
i added flaxseed powder for omega 3's.

Sara Lee makes 40 calorie whole wheat bread so all
is not lost when it comes to bringing a sandwhich to
work. Fruit, veggies, and nuts are good sides too.

Look into smoothies! They can be tasty and low calorie
or low carb.

I hate salad!

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Something that I LOVE for breakfast, is Egg Whites with Goat Cheese. With a serving of goat cheese, and a couple of Egg Whites it's about 100 calories. I like to double this for a heavy breakfast, and I love to put Hot Pepper Relish over it.
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I eat breakfast on the way into work most mornings. So I need something that can easily be eaten on the road. I rarely eat breakfast foods for breakfast. Typically I eat either Deli meat or cheese and crackers with fruit.

For lunch I find that if I have a starch, I'm sluggish for most of the afternoon. I tend to stick with protein and veggies then.
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I like oatmeal for breakfast! Yumm! OR some scrambled eggs and a whole wheat piece of toast. I'm usually not very hungry in the mornings though, but now I force myself to eat breakfast.

As for lunch, my favorite is a sandwich. It's convenient for me to take to work! Maybe some yogurt with it or fruit... sometimes fat-free pretzels hehe.
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