Alli? FDA Approved Weight Loss Product?

  • I was looking through the Sunday paper today, and in the Wal-Mart print out it said that they will start carrying a new product called Alli on June 15th, and it's an FDA APPROVED weight loss pill. 0_o

    What do ya'll think about this?

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  • It's probably going to cost a small fortune. 0_o
  • I don't actually know that much about it except that it blocks your body from absorbing fat. (Having what sound like similar side effect after having my gallbladder removed I don't think it sounds pleasant at all). There is a very interesting thread about it in the 100 pound forum that you might want to check out.
  • i remember when i heard about zenical going over the counter...

    i think this is it. i was on zenical for a little while, but couldnt deal with the side effects. horrible. horrible. horrible. in fact, i still have some. i havent used it in forever. the rx for zenical was astronomical. i can only guess that this OTC version is going to be massively expensive...
  • Considering you can only eat 15 some grams of fat on the stuff without... ahem... "side effects" (Margaret Cho actually has a bit about "side effecting" herself on the freeway because of a similar weight-loss drug). You might as well just do a low fat diet and not take it, any extra weight you'd lose (something like 3 lbs) would be camouflaged by the depends you'd have to wear.
  • There's another topic on this site about this somewhere.....

    Let me see if I can find it.
  • Yay! Here it is!
  • hahaha I love Margaret Cho. She's amazing...ah. anywho. I've taken some weight loss pills before, and sadly enough..I recently tried Zantrex-3. ;X A no-no, I understand those side effects to a certain degree.. haha.
  • Weight loss pills are evil. I've tried TrimSpa, Zantrax 3, and Hydroxycut. They all made me feel equally weird: my head would hurt, my heart would race, I'd feel uncomfortably hyper, and worst of all, I became the royal ***** of the century to those around me. I also would get stomach pains sometimes. I never stuck with a diet pill more than two weeks due to the adverse side effects I experienced. Maybe my body just really, really dislikes diet pills.

    So... I'm not excited about Alli, because I know it'll probably have the same side effects as the rest.

    PS: I love Margaret Cho. I saw her live last year, and I remember her talking about "side effects"... she said she was on the pomegranate (sp?) diet. Haha.
  • I don't like weight loss pills...because yeah you may lose the weight on the pills...but without changing your diet and exercising your weight will come right back on once you stop taking the pills...and you don't want to be taking some diet pill for the rest of your life. Quick fix things don't really work...