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Default dieting & studying, can they go together?

i'm in a real mess!!! i've been basically studying for this exam for a long time, & well to explain, it's a real hard exam, consider it like the bar exam for lawyers or somethin'...i'm takin it at the end of aug but even after that i gotta study coz there's a part 2 also...but forget that....
anywayz, my sis'z wedding is in dec!!! how do i lose 20lbs by then? i calculated if i try to lose 500 cal a day it'll take me by dec...but the prob is i can't study n' diet...
everytime i diet, i lose my concentration on studying...i end up being too tired or sleepy or something or another...n' if i study, i'm always munching, & well i just end up gaining weight...i actually was 147 lbs & lost all da way to 130lbs but when i went back to studying i gained it all back pretty much...i'm scared coz more than "not dieting" while studyin i'm gaining...i can't maintain a steady weight at least till the time of the exam. if i keep studying & not carin bout my weight, by august i'll goto 150+
i think i'm ramblin too much...but i need real help
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I had a very hard time following that.. but here's what I can offer you:

1. Don't look at it as 'temporary dieting', look at it as a 'permanent lifestyle change'. 20 lbs is perfectly do-able by December, but you need to do it the right way. You don't have that much to lose, so it will be more difficult than if you had a lot to lose

2. If you are tired and can't concentrate, you may not be eating enough- or you may be eating the wrong things. You need to eat fresh food and protein to 'fuel' your body. You should also be sure to take breaks from studying to 'get physical'

3. There's no reason why you can't change your eating habits and study also. You do not need to starve yourself. You need to make healthy choices, and keep track of what you're eating. Try air-popped popcorn, fruit, dry healthy cereals, and nuts if you absolutely need to munch while studying

If 'dieting' is impeding on your life so much that you can't do everyday things, like study.. then honestly, you're not doing something right. Take a close look at what you're doing... this shouldn't consume your life at all.
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I agree with everything Mama just wrote (great post!)

I am in grad school right now so I am often up late studying/writing papers. I find that I just can't keep any tempting food around because I WILL eat it if it's there. I keep healthy snacks around - diet popsicles, frozen grapes, 100 calorie popcorn, apples -- I just work those calories into my daily plan and eat less throughout the day when I know I will be staying up late.

Good luck!
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It is doable, but you have to plan it carefully at first. Do not go on a very low-cal diet, for instance, or on something like Atkins (brain --> needs carbs --> good carbs are necessary). Nor on something that demands lots of calculations, measuring, in other words, that will stress you out even more. What I mean by this is that portion control and not munching out of habit ARE important, but you have to find something that works for you, not something that will make you think of food all day long and worry about 'doing it perfectly'. Easy-to-prepare healthy meals that you can freeze to use later on, not buying munch-foods at all, keeping unhealthy foods out of the house but having plenty of fruits under the hand for a snack... whatever works for you. But no fancy diet like eating only lettuce and skinless chicken breast for three weeks, that's doomed to fail and to make you tired and cranky.

As a sidenote, I've never been as efficient during my exam period as this past semester, when I was eating better and exercising approximatively every two days. I'm really not taking a wild guess about whether it's doable or not. But one thing I've noticed is that mindset is also very important. Don't start this thinking "I will never be able to prevent myself from eatingwhile studying", or other similar thoughts; they can impede your efforts, and any 'psychological impediment' is a problem.

Anyway, I hope you will find something that works for you!
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I used to keep munching while studying too. But now I go and study in the university library. You're not allowed to eat there. I just take a bottle of water. Sometimes I take a snack with me for during a break but I don't even always eat it. For me it works to eat pretty large meals and nothing in between. But than I allow myself some bad choices ( or at least less good choices) for lunch or something.
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I know how you feel. I'm definitely a muncher during studying. What I'd do is study during meals especially and just eat really slowly. My school had 3 cafeterias and 2 of them were sort of a la carte (so a "meal" was a certain price and you could get whatever you wanted under that price). I also would drink water, suck on ice, or chew sugarfree gum when I knew I wasn't hungry but getting the "woe is me I'm studying" munchies.

If you can get rid of all your munchies and replace them with berries, apple slices, broccoli, carrots, and other healthy munchies, it will really help. Also make SURE you're eating enough. If you aren't eating enough, you will feel tired. Make sure you're drinking enough too- that can cause you to feel foggy.
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I'm a law students so must of my "free time" is filed with studying. I agree with what others said that you have to think of it as a lifestyle change not a diet. If you diet then you will just go back to your unhealthy habits when you are done.

Eating healthy and studying can go together. I plan out my calories. I try and plan a set evening snack (actually normally I plan two snacks.) I try and make it a general rule that I don't eat while I study, only on breaks. If you need to eat while you study then go for lower calorie snacks like cut up veggies, fruit, rice cakes, baked or light chips (stored in individual serving bags), or 100-calorie packs.
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thanks so much of the suggestions, already tryin them, filled da fridge w/ cherries n' peaches (they're on sale)
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