chub rub!

  • Oh the infamous chub rub, leaving us skirted girls often walked bow legged! What's a girl to do?

    My main form of exercise is walking around the city, and sometimes I want to look cute while doing it so I wear a skirt. Yesterday, I managed to get lost and walked about 2 miles out of my way. Eeep. While on one hand, I was happy to bring my grand total of up to around 7 miles, I ended up with BRUISES on my inner thighs. I guess my powder and chafing relief gel just wasn't up to the challenge!

    How do you all deal? I wouldn't wear skirts for YEARS because of the chafing until my roomie got me homemade powder from an organic farm which has cornstarch and clay in it, which works a million times better than regular baby powder but still isn't up to summer heat!
  • Ouch, I had the same problem when I went to my sister's graduation. Three days of walking around philly in skirts & dresses... not fun!
    I haven't used any powders or anything, but I will use moisturizer or cortizone at night to heal the area. Then I'll try to wear pants for a few days haha. Maybe someone else will have better advice, but I feel your pain!
  • I wear bike shorts under skirts sometimes. It really helps!
  • I usually wear something made of lycra, swimsuit material. I've even been to a store and went to the pick n mix bathing suit section just for a pair! Its the best way I've found to keep my legs from rubbing against each other when I wear a skirt.
  • yup - wear bike shorts or something tight underneath
    also - there is a chapping gel called nochap or something that i used to wear when running long distances. I don't know how long it holds up (and is a little greasy) but you can re-apply it - comes in a deordorant container (could you re-apply the powder?
  • I also used to wear biker shorts, or even just clam digger shorts if they were short enouugh. This year I bought a split skirt liner from Roaman's catalog. I bought it in beige, but it came in white, and maybe black. It sort of looks like gauchos made of slip material.
  • I just wanted to say that I've suffered with this problem too and I found the suggestions very helpful. Thanks.
  • I wear bike shorts or leggings. No problem with skirts when I do that!
  • i have this problem constantly, and its not even that my thighs are super chubby. they just RUB together constantly. it was horrible at work...when i was wearing server shorts were definitely the way to go. the tighter, the better. you could also check out assets or spanx, those pantyhose/biker short things. my mom uses them, and SWEARS by them.

    a bio teacher of mine in high school also recommended wrapping baby powder in saran wrap and putting it in a back pocket. that way, the powder still absorbs the moisture, but obviously doesnt rub off.

    hope some of these suggestions are helpful!
  • Oh, the agony. I get awful rashes from that! Next time, I'm going to try some of ya'lls suggestions.