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Smile Do you have a godo gym routine?

I just got a membership at Planet Fitness. I was wondering if anyone has a routine that they like or that works well for them. I really have no clue what to do. My goal is weight loss (mostly around my middle). I wouldn't mind a little toning either. Thanks for any help!
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Hi jules!! I go to the gym every morning myself. I try to dedicate atleast 2hrs at the gym. My mid-section is my problem too or as some call your core area. One thing that I have noticed that helps me is using the ball on your workouts. I use one at the gym and I have one at the house. I love it!! I take a Core Power class at my gym and they use the Bosu in the class also. That is another great tool to use for mid-section. I take turns with arms and legs but everyday I include workouts for mid-section.
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If you can afford it, get a personal trainer to show you the ropes. If you really don't know what to do, then a trainer will help, and you'll take weight off faster with the use of a trainer as well.

If not, well, then a good rule is to do some cardio exercises (running, exercise bike, elliptical, rowing, aerobics classes) and some resistance training every visit to the gym. This is what I do. I alternate the cardio I do, usually 45-60 minutes, and then I do 30-45 minutes of resistance training, alternating which parts of the body I work. So one day is leg and butt day, another arms and back day, and another chest and abs day.

Also, about once a week, I try to throw in some flexibility exercise, like yoga or pilates (which will also tone your muscles nicely). If you are just getting started, take some classes! They are fun and you'll make gym friends.
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I'm probably in the minority, but I don't go to a gym. I walk/jog and I have weights and fitness videos at home that I use. I want to buy a treadmill before the winter this year so that I can keep up my walking/jogging routine once it starts to get cold.
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Try to take group classes (e.g. biking, aerobics, power train, yoga). This collective motivation goes a long way and keeps you going to the gym on a regular basis. I do this at my local YMCA and I usually don't miss any sessions because it's actually fun and I get to meet people.
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Like Mikex1337, I LOVE to take the classes, I'm never on the machines unless I have no choice (i.e. working late nights after all the classes are done.. boo). Spinning, cardio classes, ab classes, and various strength training classes are my favorites and if you are not doing it right, the instructor lets you know (in a nice way hopefully)!! Also, when you go at it alone, you feel like quitting when it gets hard (or maybe that is just me :P) but in a class, time flies by so quickly that you won't get a chance to quit.

Anyway, good luck!!
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I'm still in college, so I actually schedule in time between classes, so it's not enough time to leave campus, but long enough to be bored crazy if I don't go to my school's gym. I"m sneaky like that
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Let me add to Mike and Daisy's love of classes ...

I find it hard to push myself to do cardio -- I hate everything about those machines. Classes (esp. high intensity ones like kickboxing and sports circuit, which is an hour of sprinting) force me to work to keep up with the other people around me. The collective motivation goes a long, long way. I run half a mile before I do them -- I'm trying to work my way up to a mile.

I also love to swim. I do either a mile swim, a timed 30-minute swim, or pyramid sprints (50 yds, 100 yds, 200 yds, 500 yds (x2), 200 yds, 100 yds, 50 yds, in that order).
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I'm all about those magazines and magazine websites... Like Shape, Fitness, Self, etc... They have great work outs, that really challenge you and I always "feel" them in a good way.

And I think its the best, because a lot of people have NO IDEA what they're doing when they're working out (Me included).
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i'm doing a summer internship in china right now, so i use the gym in the hotel nearby. it's perfect, i go to there 5-6 times a week. i use the elliptical in the morning before work for 20 minutes, then after work, i use the treadmill for 10 minutes and then the crosstrainer for 20 minutes. after that i do some weight training. feels great afterwards! i sometimes take classes (aerobics, pilates, dance aerobics) too..they're really fun!

when i back at college in the states, i schedule a time between classes to go my school's gym. usually cardio for 30-40 minutes, then weight training. i try for 5-6 times a week.
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