Huge calves :( Any suggestions?

  • Hi everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestion on how to slim down calves. Because I was in the martial arts for about 6 years, I have developed a lot of muscle in my legs that has made my calves very muscley. I know I read some stuff about stretching the muscle out to make it look longer, but I was wondering if you all had any advice.

  • no advice, just a sympathizer. even when i was very skinny i had giant man calves. i'd love to hear any suggestions too.
  • My calves are huge, too... but I have a long way to go and I'm hoping they'll go down in size once I've reached goal. I've never tried Pilates (and can't right now anyway, lol) but I've heard it's good for creating long, leaner muscles. Any opinions on that one?
  • I also have no answers. I've always had huge calves (and thighs, too!), and it seems like no matter how much weight I lose, they're always going to be proportionally bigger. But I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that they're big in a muscly way, and not in a flabby way
  • I have huge calves as well. I've lost 138 pounds now and you know what - THEY"RE STILL HUGE!!! That is the only place where I don't see much of a difference. I even noticed today that my earlobes look smaller. But my calves - nada. Especially one of them. Yup, how sad is that. One's bigger then the other.
  • I, too, have one that is noticably larger than the other! Glad to know I'm not alone! As for slimming them, I'm told that one thing you can do is to stand on a step with the toes of one foot and lower yourself, stretching out the muscle. Hold for 10-15 seconds and then switch legs. Do about 10 reps per leg. Also wearing high heels will really bulk up the back of your calves, so stick to flats!
  • My calves and thighs are very muscled and somewhat large as well and I used to have such issues with it! I still do occasionally when I try on a really cute pair of jeans and they wont fit my thighs and/or calves but are LOOSE on my waist...bah!

    However now I adore having very toned and strong looking's surprised me on more than one occasion when I've had a moan to a friend and they look at me like I'm from another planet and declare they'd kill for legs like mine.

    I did a lot of athletics and soccer as a child and now I'm a heavy runner and rpm/spinner so its only emphasised them further lol.

    Be proud of your body shape! Strong legs are lovely legs...we don't all need chicken legs lol.
  • If it helps any from a man's perspective, I find toned, shapely calves MUCH more sexier than chicken legs.

    And yea, just like how some people have large (name part of body here), it'll be hard to spot reduce that area especially when it's muscles and not fat. Learn to embrace & love your given curves.
  • It's really hard to reduce the size of your calves. Mine are monstrous from years of track and field. The best solution IMO is judicious shoe-choosing. For example, a pointed, heeled mule will make your calves look a million times better than a wedge with an ankle strap. The plus side of this calf-reducing strategy is that you get to buy shoes.
  • So does every single person here really have giant calves or do we all just think that we do? Lol!

    I think I have big legs too, but it's more the lower part of my calves where they go down into my ankles (what ankles? lol!) I've been told time and time again that you can't actually "spot reduce," so learn to love 'em and appreciate how hard they work for you!
  • Hey Christina,

    My sister and I are twins. Her claves are 1 inch thicker than mine having done ballet for 4 years of her life. My calves thinned a bit after I lost around 10% of my body weight, but most of it still remains thick because it's mainly muscle and not much fat! Flex and point your feet and you'll see that the calves are definitely hard to rid of (after all, we walk almost all the time, don't we?). I know it's probably hard to get rid of tiny little flaws, and I hated my calves for the longest time, but I decided, hey- two legs are better than none! They get me from point A to point B and they'll do for the most part! I don;t walk the runway but I'm fit and I finally had the nerves to wear shorts this summer after being able to deal with my calves!
  • Try being a softballer! I've just learnt to live with them and accept the fact that they're going to be larger than skinny girls. They can look great in a dress though!
  • There's an exercise that my best friend told me about years ago. Find some stairs and place the balls of your feet on the edge. And then lift and hold for a few seconds until you feel the burn. Do sets of 20 of these calf lifts every day.
  • [QUOTE=wisher;1711580]So does every single person here really have giant calves or do we all just think that we do? Lol!

    I think I have big legs too, but it's more the lower part of my calves where they go down into my ankles (what ankles? lol!) QUOTE]

    LOL, that's my thing too! I just go right into my foot. A few years back I was watching some show (the Swan I think) and they had a girl on there with that sort of thing, and they called them canckles. LOL. Whatever, my calves are mostly muscle and although I sometimes wish they were more shapely I love my legs because of everything they do for me. I have two legs that work great, they let me walk, run, bike, swim and burn calories so I can lose weight.