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Default I keep slipping away...

Remember me? =x.

I don't know what's come over me... My weight has gone back up to 174, but I don't want to even think about changing my ticker. =x. I know some of it was illness, and going back up to my mother's for my birthday, etc etc... but my birthday was April 10, and I got sick right after, and I moved almost 3 weeks ago and have been settled for a while, so what is wrong with me?

Habits flown, I guess. But here's the kicker.. ever since we moved I have been having severe anxiety attacks. I told a friend about it, as well as the fact that my eating has been way off and my exercise has been nil. Her response? "Go for a run tomorrow.. I bet you you will feel a lot better." And you know what? She was right. I had noticed that if I go more than a day without exercise, I get crabby and irritated.. but I never thought that those horrible feelings that everything was wrong and out of control were largely because I had stopped.

So I have been doing *some* exercise for the past week, and eating has been... meh. But no more playing around. I'll give away most of the hard candy I have left at my locker at work and go back to sucking tic-tacs. I'll prepare myself healthy lunches the night before (and I would have thought the fact that I can no longer go home for lunch, and therefore can only eat what I bring, would make it easier!) and get myself back on track with exercise. DB is away this weekend, and will be gone pretty much the entire month of June, so the only ones I will have to worry about are the dog (who I am discovering is a great running partner as long as I dont go too fast), the cat (she pretty much takes care of herself) and me.

So yes. Someone tie me here. Ive said it before and I'll say it again - when I stop posting, I lose focus. (my origional 25 pound loss and then 35 pound gain over the course of the next year is proof of that!) And I am so freaking close to goal.. I actually kind of like how I look in clothes. I bought some new ones.. maybe I'll post pics if you're lucky.

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I have had horrible anxiety for about 3 years now-- I'm on meds for it now, but when even they don't work, I've found that running and more then anything, yoga brings me back down.

I had a gain the last few weeks, too-- spring fever maybe? Oh wait-- it's almost summer-- so... summer fever? Either way, you've done so well-- you should be very proud. Keep on keeping on!!!
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You can do it, Fae! We believe in you! Keep your chin up, and get yourself back on a regular schedule with eating/exercising.
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Everyone gets down sometimes. Just gotta pick yourself up and keep going! We are all here for you.
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Glad you're back!
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