Summer Vacation = Healthy Lifestyle Suicide!!!

  • So... I have been out for summer vacation for two weeks, and the scale hasn't budged in two weeks (except fluctuating UP a pound or two), and I haven't been to the gym in two weeks. I have been sitting on my fat butt watching TV and stuffing Cheez-Itz down my gullet for two weeks.

    Anyone see a correlation with these events??

    I am one of those people who doesn't do well without a regimented schedule, and for me, school is has always kept me going regularly. This is the first summer I haven't gone to class the WHOLE summer, and I am finding myself in a slump. At first, I blamed it on my Dad coming in from overseas for a visit...But he has gone and I am still doing it. How do I get myself motivated when I have nothing to do all day..nowhere to obligations WHAT SO EVER...I can sit around in my underwear all day long on my computer, why get out and about? No one is going to see me for weeks, who cares what I look like?

    HOW do I get out of this mindset? If I don't fix it soon I know that the weight I lost so far is going to creep back up on me, and I DON'T WANT THAT. But I can't seem to get motivated...Please..someone tell me I am not alone!
  • Find something to do!! lol

    Are there any kind of walking groups, or gyms around? If not, maybe you can find a walking partner. Or maybe take up cycling? Or do some kind of running program... perhaps train for some kind of marathon? I know it's hot out! Join a pool and do laps, or get a part time job if you don't have one. Volunteer somewhere regularly. Check out some cooking books from the library and try some new recipes. Plant a vegetable garden.

    Look for the Back to Nature Cheddar Crackers. 10x better than Cheez Itz, my husband was a former Cheez It ADDICT. I love them, and they are 130 calories a bag.

    You'll feel much better if you use this free time to your advantage, kwim? It's a great time to find some kind of inner self-discipline that you never knew you had. Think of all the cute Winter clothes you'll be able to buy! Oh wait, we live in the land of infinite Summer, haha. Okay, think of what cute late Summer clothes you'll be able to buy! And if all else fails, we're at similar weights and have similar goals... wanna race? lol
  • LOL sure, let's race.

    I can't get a part time job because no one will hire me since I have one summer class towards the end of the summer..and most only want full time summer employees anyway..I job hunted for a month before school let out and no luck!

    Volunteering sounds like a fun idea. I may go up to the nursing home tomorrow and see if they need anyone. I already tried the local pound, but they said they can't have volunteers because they had one sue them awhile back when they got bit, and they still haven't got the right kind of insurance .

    I have been going out and walking the dogs about 20 minutes each day. I am not totally lethargic YET, but I see myself slowly slipping LOL. I have a gym membership, I have just been to reclusive to leave the house. SIGH!!!

    When it comes down to it, I am just plain old L-A-Z-Y. An unfortuantely, doctor's have yet to find a cure for that.
  • LOL

    Well, when in doubt, just make yourself do it- haha.
  • I know exactly what you mean. I had one week off between spring and summer classes and I felt like I spent the whole time eating! Now I'm taking 2 classes and working 25 hours/week so that keeps me busy enough to not have to worry too much, but once July hits my classes and job are done. I'm terrified of what I'll do to myself during July and August, so if you can find a cure, please share with us!
  • I need that strict schedule as well. Try making yourself one. Try to get up at the same time everyday, I find that helps me a lot as well. If I get up at the same time and get to the gym at the same time everyday the rest of my day tends to go a lot better.
  • Do you have any sort of hobbies in the crafting area? I took up scrapbooking 5 or so years ago and I'm amazed at how much time it can consume.

    I hate the gym most of all during the summer/holidays because that's when all of the kids are out of school - our gym has a minimum age limit of 15 unless you have a parent with you and then it's a free for all. I've seen kids as little as 10 in there using the machines while their parents are off in some corner chatting or counting crunches. Not to mention the thousands of Barbies that come in to flirt and socialize.. I started going at night, since it's cooler and less crowded.. best decision ever!