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Arrow Please Stop Me if I'm Crazy

At work we do something called the "Weight Loss Challenge" for a 7 week period, co-workers ante up $20.00 and compete to see who can lose the biggest percentage of their body weight. I won the one in January by losing 15 pounds and got $260.00. This time I'm in second place, and there is only one week left. I've been losing weight incredibly slowly and have had trouble staying on plan. I'm hoping that if there is a way of "jump starting" my weight loss with a one week plan I could tie.

Yes, this is all about pride and money and not really about sustainable weight loss. I feel I can go back to sustainable weight loss the week after the challenge.

I'm kind of considering doing one of those soup diet, or no-carb diet. I've never done a fad diet before and it sends off all sorts of warning lights in my head. I don't care if the weight loss I see is simply a drop in water weight. I do care if I lose muscle weight. That would be unacceptable.

I don't want to risk my health but I was hoping there was someway to stay in the competition. Please tell me if you have any safe ideas, or just let me know if I'm letting competition drive me bonkers.
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I would listen to your body. If these thoughts are signaling "warning lights" in your mind then don't do it! Although winning is wonderful, it's not worth ruining your metabolism over (or losing muscle~like you mentioned.)

You are doing so wonderful already! You are over 1/2 way to your goal. That is something to be proud of!
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Haha-that is so funny because we do the same thing at my work!! The girl who won last time wore one of the wrestler sweat suits in a sauna a few days before and she also depelted her water intake a few days before. Be happy with your progress-your doing great!!
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Good job on winning the last challenge! Sounds like a fun thing to do in the workplace!
...BUT I'm with zenor - listen to those warnings in your head! I wouldn't do anything too rash - you're doing great already! I know if I tried to do a soup diet or something like that I would end up overeating the next few days.
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Yeah, money is only temporary. I'd stick with losing at your body's own pace. Maybe start some kind of fun 'contest' with yourself, and give yourself $5 for every pound lost or something. By the time you make goal, you can buy something nice for yourself.
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I think you're doing so well. Congrats on your progress.
But if there are warning lights in your head then I think you know the answer to your own question.
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that would be so much fun! I work in an office with 3 people, we are all overweight, but neither of them really care. Especially the other woman. The guy goes on low carb diets every few months or whatever. Never sticks to it. Anyhow, awesome idea! and congrats on your loss so far!
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