Anyone dreading the arrival of the Summer?

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  • I know its almost here. I'm scared already . I have big arms with stretch marks to boot and I hate wearing t-shirts that will show how ugly they are.
    At the moment I wear a shrug or small jacket to hide them. I'm afraid when the weather gets warmer my arms will be on display. I don't even want to buy sundresses because I hate having my arms out. I guess I can buy some Mederma to cover up the marks but the ugly fat is still there.

    I'm currently looking for t-shirts (cute and stylish shirts) but most of them have sleeves that are too short.

    Anyone esle dreading Summer?
  • I hate shirts that have really short sleeves, so I know what you mean. It's been summer here for a while (Louisiana), but I still hate it! Being fat is hard enough.. being fat and HOT is just gross! I bought some of these from Old Navy online and am hoping that the sleeves are a bit longer like they appear to be:
  • Try cocoa butter, it's amazing for stretch marks and so much cheaper than mederma
  • Thanks for the advice Daisy but I tried cocoa butter and it did not work for me. I think it only works on new stretch marks.

    I meant to say Dermablend in my first post instead of Mederma. I have to get something to cover the ugly snakes up.
  • Hmm... I don't mind what I look like wearing tank tops (I prefer them to short sleeves flattering-wise), stretch-marks and flab- ah well but I am NOT looking forward to trying to motivate myself to exercise in any sort of sun/heat. Yikes! I am a redhead. I was made for moist areas, like under rocks.
  • I have the same problem. I don't mind short sleeves but I hate shorts. Also I am in a wedding in July. Of course it is a strapless dress! I can't wait until that trend is over.
  • I was scared about summer clothing, then last fall I moved to Arizona and we've been in summer clothes for months now. It's hot enough (in the 100's already) that I simply had to get over any of my fears, there was nothing else I could do!
  • I know exactly what you mean. This is actually the first summer I haven't dreaded. For me, summer has always meant wearing sweatshirts in 30+ degree Celsius weather, or wearing shorts and a t-shirt over my bathing suit. Not to mention the more fat you carry, the warmer you are, regardless of what you wear! I'm glad I won't have to hide from summer this year... finally!
  • I don't mind tank tops and stuff because my top half isn't that bad, but I just CANNOT wear shorts or skirts that come to my knees or above. My hips are where I store most of my weight so if I wear something like that they look even wider! So lots of long sundresses for me, I guess...
  • The only thing I dread in the summertime is hurricanes.

    I wouldn't worry about the stretch marks. I have stretch marks on my thighs along with a little bit of loose skin, however wearing shorts isn't a problem. There is no such thing as a perfect body. All you can do is find or make clothes that flatter your body.

    In my experience, people tend to overestimate their flaws. Imperfections that you think are huge and obvious, other people just don't notice.

    My advice would be to forget about your arms and just buy a few tops that look good and that make you feel good when wearing them. Your stretch marks aren't going to go away if they have already faded so you can either move to a permanently cold location or love your body flaws and all.
  • Zorak~ I like your attitude.

    (And congrats on your huge loss )
  • ughh, i have the same problem. i hate how fat and flabby and dangly my arms are. why are the sleeves so short on women's t-shirts? haha
    but seriously, i have the worst case of lose skin all over. (even though i'm young and lost the weight slowly) most of it is hidden with clothes...but those arms...
  • I don't have stretch marks on my arms, but everyone is too busy staring at my tattoos (one full sleeve on on arm, in the middle of getting the other full sleeve colored in) to notice the arm fat, so I never worry about tank tops! I'm actually looking forward to buying a bikini 10 or so more pounds from now (stomach needs to be a LITTLE bit flatter)!!

    At the same time though, I just HATE shorts. I've ALWAYS hated shorts. I hate my knees (weird?) and am not too keen on my thighs. When I buy shorts they need to go below my knees (like guys' shorts). I end up being hot, but I don't care because I just hate the way my knees look. Yuck! And even though I'm looking forward to a bikini, I'll have a wrap around my waist THE WHOLE TIME unless I'm actually in the water.
  • you should shop at Torrid if you have one near you are online. i am 22 and they make all the cute clothes in my size and have shirts that hide my arms but are cute.
  • I just turned down an invitation this weekend to go to a pool party. There was no way I was letting everyone see me in a bathingsuit...