Anyone dreading the arrival of the Summer?

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  • Quote: you should shop at Torrid if you have one near you are online. i am 22 and they make all the cute clothes in my size and have shirts that hide my arms but are cute.
    I adore Torrid. The clothes are cute, relatively affordable and very well made.
  • OH me me me!! I am not looking forward to summer!! I hate exercising in the hot summer!! And I don't want to wear revealing clothes yet!
  • I'm with you, mamaplots. I hate exercising in the heat. I actually just don't like the heat, period. Anywhere from 10 degrees Celsius to 22 is good for me - hotter and I'm miserable!

    As far as revealing clothing goes... well, I haven't worn shorts in years. The shortest I go is capris, cuz I hate my legs so much. This year my body image is getting a little better, so we'll see.
  • I love love love exercising in summer, it doesn't bother me at all! I just drink tons of water
  • Like modkittn, I HATE shorts - always have, even when I was younger and didn't have a weight problem. I really don't like my knee-area either. Silly probably but I just don't like my legs. And now, of course I have very chubby thighs that rub together which make short-wearing nearly impossible. And I also have some vericose (sp) veins...due to my weight and a lovely heriditary thing.

    And I've never liked the heart or summer sun. I tend to get headaches when I exercise out in the bright light and hot air. Don't know why, always have.
    I love the water and swimming but haven't been able to swim in years. I just won't allow myself....I'm waaaay to ashamed to squeeze into a bathing suit.

    I'm telling you, I cannot wait 'til I'm like momerath - I dream about not dreading the summer. We'll get there, ladies. We will!!
  • Amberoo - I just don't understand how some other people who are overweight don't have the problem I do with shorts - the ride up! They are ALWAYS riding up in between my legs... how disgusting. If they are longer then they won't really ride up, but I still have the knee issue so I just stick with capris!
  • Summer doesn't really bother me, I have always worn shorts even though I may not look very good in them. I'm very hot natured and with our heat and humidity during the summer I would "die" from the heat if I didn't wear shorts. I don't wear tank tops, but comfortable fitting shirts will short sleeves. I make sure to wear swim suits that cover my major flaws (around my hips and thighs), a swimsuit with a skirt usually hides that pretty well. I am looking forward to next summer (2008), by that time I will be down to my goal of 140-150. I can't wait to shop for the cute clothes you can't find in larger sizes.
  • I can't wait for summer - I wear shorts every time I go to the gym so it won't bother me...even with my blinding white skin :-) I'm hoping this will be the best summer ever!
  • Ugh, I'm with you. My arms have always been big and I can't stand them. I used to not mind my big thighs until they went from fairly defined to straight jello. No way will I be wearing shorts or tank tops this summer. I have a pool in the backyard, so people always want to come swimming. I'm self conscious enough in a tshirt and shorts, forget a bathing suit! I told myself last summer that I would not be the same size, but here I am, still looking like a big marshmallow.

    Despite the body issues, I'd dread the summer anyway. I don't like the heat or the sun at all. I'm hot natured and WAY too pale. I'm not looking forward to exercising in it either.
  • I hate how most clothing designers think that girls need capped sleeves (the tiny ones that can't even really be called sleeves anyway) and not regular ones. I have a bunch of men's t-shirts from Urban Outfitters ( )and several unisex ones from Crazy Shirts (

    And for those of you who hate shorts, gaucho pants are you friends.. I have 3 or 4 pairs from Old Navy that are light weight cotton and I LOOOVE them.
  • This summer will be a love/hate relationship for me -- love because I'm at my most fit/slim for years (though still a work in progress), hate because I'm gonna be sweating like a pig in an oven while I exercise (and I already sweat more than average!)

    But can't wait to send some time at the beach in the next few months (and, money allowing, take up beginner surfing)