Do you have something to "brag" about?

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  • I wore my white capris Friday night (that I bought last summer when I reached goal). They are looser on me now than when I first reached goal and I'm only 1 lb. below my goal wt.

    Non-wt. brag. My son placed second overall in the big radiio station Karaoke contest that is going on here. He now will get to sing in the state competition in OK City for a chance to go to Las Vegas and sing. (He gets his singing ability from his mother, LOL) There is a prize package worth $375,000 to be distributed to the winner.
  • i bought a size large skirt at Old Navy... and my butt looks cute!
  • I moved up a notch on my belt! Fifth notch in now. And when I started I couldn't even wear this belt!
  • I have something new...

    I hit 199.5. I am no longer 2__!!