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Originally Posted by FaeReverie View Post
Ive always been bigger.. I haven't weighed as little as I do now since I was in elementary school.

And yes, I know what you mean. Sometimes I try to imagine myself having lost all my weight, and I just can't imagine it. So I suppose I shall have to wait and see!
Nice to meet you! I am so happy to find people who have experience with this. You've done wonderfully
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I currently weigh what I did in the 4th-5th grade. Yeah, I had always been fat.

I started losing weight when I was 20, almost 3 years ago now.

I had a COMPLETE "fat girl" identity and was resigning myself to a lifetime sentence until I started believing in myself and my ability to actually lose weight.

You would be surprised how quickly you adapt to being a normal size (or maybe completely NOT adapt-- I am not quite sure). I mean if you had said when I was 20 "*Poof* Charlotte you are now half your size and wear a 6" I would have been over the moon estatic. Since it has taken so long, however, I got gradually aclimated and maybe relutant to relinquish the only identity I had ever known--- and so I sit here 10 dress sizes smaller and a whole person thinner and I very seriously think I am chubby. I am the same weight as Bridget Jones (maybe a couple inches taller though). She was chubby and I feel that I am too.

Life is weird like that---- Never quite what one would expect.
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i was at a healthy weight until i was about 10....and then it was all uphill (or downhill) from there. i don't remember any numbers though.
i am chubby still. so its keeping me in the.."i'm still fat" place. i know i am smaller, but not where i want to be. so...i guess being smaller hasn't really hit me. clothes shopping sucks!
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Jazzercise away the fat!!
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Wow. I'm not alone! I was never thin growing up. I was smaller, but never thin. I've always had stocky legs, it's hereditary. Even when I wore a size 9 through hs, I still had thick muscled legs. I will never have the long willowy legs like the actresses. I was chunky in 4th grade, thinned out a little during HS, but in college when I learned to drink, the weight started to creep on. Then after college, I had a baby, and now I'm working off all this baby weight, then onto the beer weight!
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Originally Posted by mamaplots View Post
now I'm working off all this baby weight, then onto the beer weight!
Unfortunatly I'm just working off the beer weight!

I was 149 pounds when I started HS- I quit sports at 19 and packed on the pounds until I was 21- and about 200lbs. I was a size six for about a second when I got married but really I've lived these last few years in a 10 or 12. Also- I've never been thin enough to wear a bikini. I carry all my weight in my stomach so I dont' know how small I'd have to be to look suitable in a bikini. Oh well!
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Mens sana in corpore sano
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I've always been overweight , or almost. I must have been 'normal' when I was 3-4, but puberty hit at 8-9 for me, and the two years before that, I started gaining weight (and at the time, a 9-y old was very seldom going on a diet, haha). I remember being 59 kgs (~130 lbs.) in 6th grade, then something like 152 in 7th grade, and after that I pretty much hit 158-160 until college, where I lost a few pounds. After leaving college and being in the workforce for a couple of years, I started to gain again, and hit my all-time high of 165 lbs, which may not seem -that- much, I agree, but still looks quite fat on a short frame like mine (according to French charts, I was then in the lower range of official obesity--I don't know how much those charts are accurate, though).

So yeah, I can't say I've been obese all my life, just 'overweight'. But it's annoying all the same. For instance, I'm not at ease setting a 'final weight goal', because I have no idea what my adult normal weight should be. Am I aiming too high? Too low? Can my body go under 130-ish anyway, and is it even worth trying, or am I just setting myself up for failure? Somehow, I refuse to clutch to the "we're all fat in the family" and "we're not exercise-bent people in the family" crap I was spoon-fed with. I'm going to do what it takes, and I'll see...

In a way, I don't even know if it's a good thing for us or not? I mean, at least we're not at risk of feeding ourselves with delusions of "I want to be the weight and very 100-lbs slim frame I was at 18" after three pregnancies, or something like this. Whatever weight we manage to reach will probably be a complete victory anyway.
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woman, when i was 3!!!! ok i wanted to play soccer. when i showed up to the feild the kids said they didnt want a fat girl on their team so i must have been big. . . i was around 150 all of high school . but im 4'11 thats like 200 lbs on my little frame. i think im scared of losing weight. i think im beautiful. i get scared when my face thins out ill be ugly. as shallow as that sounds . kinda like when lindsay lohan was curvy i thought she was gorgeous. now that shes all thin i dont think she is very attractive. so it scares me. im comfortable in my fat. im frightened to live the unknown
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Do it. Be Proud.
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Me! I have always been overweight, or so it feels. I have seen pictures of a lean toddler, but i have no recollection of ever being an average or almost average weight. I have always been heavy, so it makes it difficult to visualize what it will be like once I drop the pounds. ^-^ I'm 21 years old.
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I've been overweight/obese since I was about 6 years old. The lowest weight I can remember being is 152 lbs...and I think I must have been 8 or 9 at the time! I think as a kid being big took a huge toll on my self esteem; actually, I still feel that way today. Reddalice, I totally get what you mean about it being hard to visualize yourself after the weight loss - me too, but I'm anxious to find out! :P
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Let's do this!
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I weighed 125 pounds at the start of 4th grade. I was 165 at the beginning of 6th grade. My parents were concerned when I was around 4 that I hadn't lost my baby fat and possibly the world's worst pediatrician put my 4 year old self on a strict diet. My mother regrets it to this day. It's around 3 or 4 that your metabolism sets and I think any self respecting physician should know better than to deprive a child when their hunger button is settling....


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I'm 5'7" and in high school weighed 135 and wore a size 8. Still I always thought I was fat. I think this has to do with many of the girls in my high school being underweight. Now I'd love if I was down at 135 again!
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I've ALWAYS been overweight.

I went on my first diet when I was seven.

That being said, I did have certain periods of time where I was close to normal. Or on the heavy side of normal. But definitely never been thin.

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I deserve to feel good!
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It's interesting to hear that so many of you know what you weighed when you were 6 or 8 or 10 years old. I don't even really know when I started weighing myself but I think it was probably 13 years old, before I think perhaps I was too young to care, it wasn't until I was 12 or 13 that I started getting interested in boys and what my hair looked like and what the other girls were wearing, etc.
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Originally Posted by junebug41 View Post
My parents were concerned when I was around 4 that I hadn't lost my baby fat...

ha, my apparently delusional mother told me up until I was about 16 years old that my excess weight was just "baby fat" and would go away eventually. Nice try...

The only weight I know of from my past is that I was over 200 pounds before entering high school. The only reason I know this is that I was attending weight loss metings with my mother, and when I got to over 200 pounds (I believe it was 204) at the end of the spring ending my 8th grade year of school, I stopped going to those meetings since they obviously weren't working for me.

So yeah--I know I've been overweight since about age 4. I have a photo of me when I started dance lessons at age 4 wearing tights and a leotard, and I looked like a normal kid. But it started right after that--you can see all the chubbiness of my face in my 1st grade school pictures.

And so, I know I've at least been over 200 pounds now for at least 11 years. Wow, I've never really thoguht of it like that before. Ouch

And I've been fighting with the 300 pound mark for about 3 years. I was fat all through school (elementary, middle, high, and college), and I've been fat for the extent of my professional career, so I'm ready to try something new

I used to be afraid of losing weight. I didn't fear the unknown or the attention or any of the usual things. My fear was that I had hidden behind my fat and BLAMED my obesity for most things that went wrong in my life. I didn't get the lead in the school musical--because I was fat. I didn't have a boyfriend--because I was fat. I didn't get to play 1st base on my softball team--because I was fat. I didn't get the job I wanted in college--because I was fat. And so on and so my fear was that if I lost the weight and my life did not drastically improve, then I would have to face the reality that there was yet something else WRONG with me. I also feared that things would improve, which would mean that the world is so superficial that I couldn't be happy at a higher weight. I really made it a lose-lose situation in my mind.

But then something happened--I DID get the job I wanted. I DID get a good boyfriend. I DID have lots of friends and lots of fun. I DID graduate from college early and have absolutely no difficulty finding a good job right away. I DID live independently in a fabulous apartment. I DID move into an even more fabulous apartment with my boyfriend. And ALL while being FAT.

With things in my life falling into place despite my weight, I know that it wasn't really my weight holding me back, but rather my own attitude about my weight. Now that I've changed my attitude, I'm more ready to handle changing my weight as well
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I remember being in the 100's when I was like 7 or 8. I was in the low 200's by middle school. I wore a size 18/20. By high school, that shot up to the mid 200's. I stayed in the mid-high 200's in my early 20's. My "normal" weight was about 270, never been below 260 as an adult. These past couple of years I gained 40+ pounds to put me at my beginning weight. So nope, I've never been anywhere near thin.
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