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freeqeegrl 05-14-2007 04:44 PM

wasting away,me and not my waist
i dont know what it is today but i need to rant. i feel invincable . but i have no outlet. i really think my life is passing me by, like i have no concept of time at all. im 20 i graduated high school 3 years ago, and i havent done a damn thing. nothing, sure ive taken a few classes here and there but nothing of worth. i dont know if other people get the same feelings as me. but i have this weird feeling, that im supposed to be something great. . . i mean really great. make some huge difference in the world . ive always felt like that . but i dont know how ill do it. i just keep waiting for a sign or for it to just happen . . . . but nothing. i sometimes feel like this WORLD is to small for me. . . i think im different . . . or weird. but i just cant figure it out. and i cant get moving. what should i do? you know i want to go to school and figure out a career but it doesnt feel right there you know? like you have this gut feeling your wasting your time. . . like i was meant for something else. whats holding me back? rant rant rant . . . i know. trust me till i figure this out there will be more :)

Get n healthy 05-14-2007 05:49 PM

Well you cant change the world by watching your youth pass you by. Get out there and change it. What are your passions? What gets you emotional, what gets your fired up. Find out, search within yourself and light that fire under your butt gal.

silver plum 05-14-2007 07:12 PM

I agree with Get n Healthy!
You can't just sit back and watch your life go by! Try things out! Travel, sign up for classes, volunteer, get involved. Life makes funny turns and you never know where you might end up - but you might as well have fun along the way! :D

Oryx 05-15-2007 02:46 AM

I know EXACTLY how you feel. ^.~

The feeling of having something inside of you so wonderful, so important, so world-altering; but you don't know how to get it out of yourself, and it makes you feel like you are going to explode if you don't do something about it.

Sounds to me you need to write. =)

freeqeegrl 05-16-2007 02:38 AM

orxy!!!! right on the money. thats totally how i feel . writing huh? what kind? for some reason ive always wanted to write a novel . but i wouldnt know where to start . . . .or what to write about . .

freeqeegrl 06-06-2007 01:32 PM

i've been thinking!!!!! i want to write a book. im a great writer and i've never tried. i read at least 4 books a week. . . so why not try right???? does anyone know how to get started?????

bida 06-06-2007 05:42 PM

start being dedicated - write at least an hour a day - write about anything - make excersizes for yourself - write what you want to - and try not to make it a rant! but dedication is the key!


freeqeegrl 06-07-2007 12:39 PM

thanks bida ill give that a try :)

jasmine987 06-09-2007 11:05 PM

I feel the same way, I feel like I am trapped inside myself sometimes. I am a shut in a lot of the times when I am not at work. I know I am very intelligent, and many people tell me even that I am wasting my life doing jobs that are way below my skill level. I feel like I am supposed to be doing medical research or somehow healing people, I just feel like I have no idea how to take the step towards this plan...or destiny whatever you may call it.

freeqeegrl 06-10-2007 11:53 PM

jasmine!!! im so glad theres someone else out there. ill say its destiny. it feels like your just not meant to be like everybody else. . :) but what to do????

veggielover 06-11-2007 10:09 AM

I think if you're looking for a career path, chances are you're like the many students out there that see the road too long to invest time in. Afterall, it takes more than just a hop and a skip to get to your goal. It's hard, I know. I'm applying to graduate school and it'll be more years of studying beyond college than I've ever imagine. Little steps eventually add up.

On writing- if you are looking to publish a book, it's actually really, REALLY hard to get a contract from a major publishing company. You can publish your own book independently, but then you'll find it really hard to find a distributor to sell your book. Good luck on that- i know people that have tried forever and never make it up to where they want to be. I don't want to sound discouraging- it's just that I'm sad to hear so many people that expected to be the next Nicholas Sparks or JK Rowling get disappointed along their way. Sounds very arduous but if you're passionate (and really good) at writing, you might find yourself at your goal!

FreeSpirit 06-11-2007 06:55 PM

One thing that caught my attention in your post, was how you said that you've been wasting the last 3 years doing nothing.... but then you said if you went to college you felt like you'd be wasting your time. Which doesn't seem to be much different than what you're doing now.

Some tough love here, I think you need to take a good look at yourself and at your life and re-asses everything. There are so many things in your life that you can change today that'll make your life feel so much better.

What do you enjoy doing? Do what you enjoy!

krazeedaisey 06-11-2007 10:49 PM

hi, I have had the same feelings that u are having, I've been at a spot where I didnt know what I wanted to do, didnt know where to start or where to go...overwhealmed by choices and decisions....I happened across a book called Quarterlife Crisis...seeing as u read alot...maybe peep this book...it put things into perspective for me and helped me make some important decsions..now I graduated from college this year and am workin towards a degree in university. Hope I helped.

freeqeegrl 06-12-2007 01:13 AM

thank you so so so much ladies. i signed up for my summer classes today , "business" i figure it will help in anything i chose to do later on, about writing im starting :) dont know what im going to write about yet . . . but im just going to go for it. i dont plan on being published i just want to give it a try.maybe ill post a little when i get some for some opinions! :) i still dont know what im meant to do, i hope i figure it out. i've always thought i would make it in the music industry but , im scared what if im not good enough. .. then im a hobo. . ya know? check out my music guys i'd love opinions on that too www.myspace.com/neverknown . thats what i love though music. but theres still that what if i dont make it then what? and sad to say the statistics ARE against me.

freeqeegrl 06-12-2007 02:47 AM

ok i wrote, well i started :carrot: . i didnt know what to write about so i wrote a fiction story or the begining of one at least that is about a girl that has a lot of my qualities. I wanted to write about being over weight in high school. so here my little portion i just did . . . tell me what you think, i can handle honesty dont worry. RL Id rather that then Rose, said in such a manner i can only think of an overweight ,older white woman with red hair and a polka dotted red dress. Rosa Linda, a beautiful rose, why is it no one sees me in that light? I'm am overweight, i know, i know then change it! Do something about it. I have been, Ive been complaining for 20 years straight. I don't want you to read this about me and have this picture in your mind of some hopeless fat girl, i have a beautiful face and I am fierce. But its invisible to everyone staring at my stomach. Well this is where it started. A few years back i had just entered my freshman year of high school. Although not as excited as one might hope. I remember it so clearly. Dressed in my favorite outfit that consisted of a pair of white skater sneakers, some baggy black cargo pants and a cute white spaghetti strap. I rolled into to school with my backpack and my blades slung over my right shoulder. I can take on the world i thought to myself. While what felt like millions of people were whizzing by me in such a hurry i was momentarily at a loss. I had my cd player on full blast with the mighty mighty bosstones giving me the courage that i could be the rascal king" of Malibu high. I met my best friends that day. My clan, my posse, my back-up. J the girl just like me if i were girly. and G probably the only guy in the world that understood my jokes. They were nothing like me J and her sandy brown hair , skinny, with bright eyes, who giggled at any word from a mans lips. I would have hated her if i didn't love her. She always brought out this side of me i had always hid in the back of my head right behind the secret about wishing i was barbie when i was three. G made made me feel so comfortable, never hit on me , never gave me that look. .. . you know the one, where they stare at you when your not looking thinking about whether they have the courage to just grab you and lay one on you. That look has always scared me. I don't like unpredictable people. Not that he wasnt good looking , every girl wanted him. Its so strange that I had no interest in him in that way, yet i felt oddly protective and jealous of the girls like J that flocked to him. He was tall, dark, and handsome, and a bag of chips (the fattening kind of course). He always laughed when Id stupidly quote half baked without thinking about who i was quoting it too. My bud...

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