What is up with that?

  • Ok, the past couple of weeks, I've done really good, I'm talking never cheating on my diet... I could work on the exercise, but still do fairly well. Well the scale hasn't been moving. Then this weekend my friends come in for mothers day and I did horrible Saturday night... I'm talking fried food and lots of alcohol (i don't even want to know how many calories i consumed in wine ) Anyway, the point of the story is I get on the scale this morning and I was cringing thinking I probably gained like 5 pounds... Well, it turns out I lost 2. Which I am extremely happy about, but a little puzzled. How did this happen? Did I need to up my calories? Does anyone have any explanations? My daily plate says I need to eat 1600 calories a day, but I don't eat nearly that much, when I'm being good I eat between 1200-1500... and when I eat 1500 I feel like I ate way too much. If this is the case, and I do need to up my calories do you guys have any tips on how I can do that right... I've got into such a routine now, I would feel like I'm over eating if I changed it up ya know? Anyway, my ears are open for suggestions!
  • Hmm... maybe your metabolism is working a bit faster now (yay for you!) or you lost a lot of water weight. Either way, who cares.. celebrate! hehe

    I definitely wouldn't eat past the point of feeling full as long as you're eating a reasonable amount of calories and choosing healthy foods. Maybe your body just decided to give you an extra boost!
  • I had something similar happen to me too. I was sticking to my diet religiously and working out and then I got sick and couldn't work out for a week and ended up losing 4lbs. Go figure. I wasn't dehydrated because I drank a lot of liquids and stuck to my diet but without the exercise, I lost the weight. To make a long story short I was working out too much for the amount of calories I was eating. So I increased calorie intake and have been losing steadily since.
  • Casey-- I had the same thing happen when I switched from Fit Day to TDP-- I had hit a plateau eating 12-1400 cals and hadn't lost more then 1.5 lbs in 3 weeks, but TDP said I needed 1600-something.. and I thought there was NO WAY I could lose eating that much-- and I lost 2.5 last week and.. 5 (FIVE!) this week. So, I'm trusting TDP from now on-- with my recent loss it has me down to 1500-something cals.. so I'll be back in that 12-1400 range soon. I snack on Kashi Cereal during the daythat I keep in my desk-- that helps me get the extra 200 or so TDP says I need.

    .. my 2nd theory--- hows your fiber intake? Greasy food makes me.. uh.. poop. If you haven't been regular during the last few weeks-- maybe thats what the weight was.. you we're full of you know what !! :-)
  • WakeMeForSummer, your post made me laugh! ... And wow, congrats on your 5 pound loss! I think I will deffintely try upping my calories this week and maybe I will have the same result! And as far as your second theory goes--I don't think that was it but deffinitly humerous ! Thanks for your comments guys keep them coming. Anyone have idea for upping my calories during the day--- I'm taking a few summer classes during the day so I can't take just anything with me to school
  • What is TDP???
  • The Daily Plate..Another calorie counting site similar to Fitday.
  • Casey--- We live in a crazy world! and our bodies don't always conform to mathmatical formulas.

    Some people here think that this is the "starvation" effect--- meaning that while you were being such a good girl with your eating and everything your body thought that it needed to hold onto every calorie for dear life, lest you starve it to death and then once you go crazy and just eat a bunch for whatever reason, your body is like "phew" and feels like it can handle losing some weight now that it doesn't think that it is in immediate danger of being stuck in a permanent famine!

    (BTW: Just everyone try and beat that sentence length!! I hope that I made sense at least. ).
  • hi, it's an old post, but I thought I'd respond. It's from the alcohol, you were dehydrated. It probably evened out over the next week. That happened to me several times before, and I read that in a magazine too.