**** Weekly Thread 5/14

  • Starting it off with a cut and paste of mine from another thread:

    Hi ladies! My weekend was so off from what I planned!!! Saturday night I ended up drinking which I didn't plan at all, and I had 3 or 4 light beers! I was already at my points for the day when I started =(

    Yesterday I had plans for the restaurant we were going to for lunch BUT we got there and it was closed for rennovations! So we went to another chinese place, but it was all "american" chinese stuff and not the really traditional food. WELL I went to the bathroom when we got there and got back to the table and found out that my MIL just ordered the buffet for everyone. I was so ticked because she is on WW too, and so is my FIL. Apparently they didn't care yesterday. So I stopped the waiter and asked for some egg drop soup as well. It filled me up a bit before I hit the buffet. On top of greasy fried stuff int he buffet, I am allergic to fish and I don't eat red meat so there was more than one reason I DID NOT want to eat the buffet. I had 2 things (a little chicken and broccoli and a little of the rice stick) for the main meal and a couple of the desserts. SO I ended up doing well.

    Then I went to my parents and my mom had made dessert (!!!!!) but it was 100% whole wheat gingerbread (only 2 points per serving!) and so I had some with some frozen yogurt. I also had some cucumber and tomato while I was there to get in some veggies. So it was GREAT until I got home and was STARVING at 8:30. I ended up having a toasted pita bread with hummus, some turkey pepperoni and some light cheese. All that stuff at 8:30 was in my extra points which I did NOT want to dip into. I ende dup with 8 extra points left for the week.

    Normally I wouldnt be so upset but I woke up on Sunday morning and TOM had arrived! And I felt crampy all day and horrible. SO I weighed myself this morning and after having apparently lost 1.5 pounds this week, after the beer Saturday night and TOM, I am now UP by .8! I'm hoping I can drink lots of water this morning to undo some of the bloating before weigh in tonight. Wish me luck!!!

    The best part of Sunday actually was seeing my nephew (4) and niece (3) and SIL and BIL since I hadn't seen them in 2 months and I missed them like CRAZY. My SIL is like a best friend, and I LOVE my niece and nephew. They were all over me! It was sweet, and I realize that I have to go up there soon to see them again for more than an hour or so.

    Wow that was long!!! How was everyone else's weekend???
  • My weekend was pretty bad, foodwise. I just started working at Red Lobster last week, and I'm really struggling with weird shift times and working during dinner. Both Friday and Saturday, I was soooo hungry I thought I would pass out, so I gave in and had some garlic bread. Then yesterday, we went to Dave's parents' house for mother's day, and I basically said to **** with my entire diet and ate whatever I wanted. I ended up having 3 or 4 brownies (low fat ones, but still, there's a fair bit of sugar in them!), 3 slices of bread, each with a generous helping of butter, a scoop of mashed potatoes, some California roast and a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream with strawberries for dessert. Not my proudest moment. I'm up more than a pound from my lowest weight last week. But whatever, I'm getting back on track, and staying that way all week

    Oh, and this morning I went to the gym and this old lady yelled at me for wanting to use the elliptical for an hour. Yes, I understand there are rules, but the sign says max 20 minutes during peak hours. 9:00-10:00 am is not during peak hours (although she screamed that she thinks it is... of course she would think ANY time she's there would be peak hours ). In fact, when I got there, I was the only person in the gym! So of course I figured I could squeeze in an hour without irritating anyone.

    So I'm trying to explain this to her, all the while gasping for air and working my *** off, and she's just getting angrier and angrier. I was trying to apologize for the misunderstanding and assure her that I would be happy to let her take over in just a second, but she kept cutting me off and wouldn't listen to a word I was saying. I guess she thought I intended to finish off the hour. So finally I just shut up, got off the damn thing and left. It was quite the experience, and I have to admit I'm still a little irritated by the whole thing. The last thing I need is a bunch of enemies at the gym going out of their way to time my exercise and steal machines from me. I feel bad for making her so mad, but that really wasn't my intention at all! Meh, whatever. I'll just do my best to stay out of her way from now on...
  • Ok so this weekend was horrible for me as well. I went to visit my parents and we pretty much ate non-stop the entire weekend. It's so frustrating because my parents can eat like that and it doesn't show on them!! Oh well, I figured that I am not going to let it get me down. I am back on plan now. I am drinking my water and eating healthy.

    My bday was yesterday so my boss wants to take me to lunch and I picked a very healthy place where I know I can get a healthy salad or salmon or something. This is a new week and another chance for me to get back on track!

    I hope ya'll have a great week!
  • Seems like the theme of this weekend was "byebye diet." I ate like I've never eaten before this weekend as well. I am up 2 pounds this morning (oy). Today's a new day as everyone said, except that I'm sick which sucks so hopefully I will get myself to eat healthy and workout today.
  • This weekend for me wasnt too awfully bad honestly. Whenever we go to my moms they never have anything I can honestly eat, So I either take food or try and find something. Saturday around 11 I was to meet my mom and brother, to go to my brothers Little League baseball game, which was about 40 minutes away from where we live. I knew that I'd starve since it was hot and stuff, so I took a lean pocket and ate it before we left. I didnt eat ANYthing at the field, which I was proud of, I only ate my LA Lite bar that I took along, and I drank tons of water. It was SOO hot outside. Anyhow, Saturday night we went over there too, (to my moms) and I was trying to find anything that I might be able to eat, and just ended up eating a can of claw crab meat. Anyhow, skipping on to mothers day..we went over to my moms again of course but I took a Lean Cuisine and an apple along, and again drank tons of water. We were outside most of the day anyhow. Then for dinner we went to my bf's mom's and we grilled fish and steaks, she had a salad also and some grilled veggies. So afterall I didnt do too bad. I still have issues getting all my veggies in for the day though. I go WI tonight so I am anxious to see!
  • I did not do well this weekend at all.. or some days last week. I'm extremely frustrated with myself and I'm sick of vowing to do better every monday. I only have 2 weeks before my bikini has to go on and I really ahve to kick this into high gear. NO treats for 2 weeks. I'll let you know how I do but I need to lose at least a couple more pounds. I am really not happy.
  • I had a bad weekend, it's nice to know I'm not the only one. On Friday I went to a baseball game. I knew it was going to be a hard night to eat healthy, so I planned everything out in advance. I brought an apple and pack of carrots, ordered one hotdog, only had one alcoholic beverage, and splurged on a handfull of peanuts. When my boyfriend bought a big box of nachos, I only ate two chips and then I used his salsa as dip for my carrots. Yay!

    Then, Saturday and Sunday came. My screws came loose and I went on a 36 hour binge filled with ice cream, chocolate and over sized portions. Ugh. Up one pound.
  • I had WI yesterday, only down .2 since 05/09! They said something about, it may have something to do with me eating a steak the day before WI, blah blah. I guess it's better than a gain? I need to get back OP!
  • I had dinner with my great aunt last night at her house. Her entire meal was full of salt. I love having dinner with her but it's almost impossible to stay on plan. I tried to minimize the damage and luckily there was no dessert but I never put salt on my food so it was really noticable how much salt I had. Of course everything tasted great but I didnt realize that salt makes that much aof a difference in taste! I'm just going to stick with my no salt adding.

    Have a good day everyone
  • Hey gals,

    So I went to WI at WW last night and ended up being down by 1.2! I was surprised, but I drank my water like crazy yesterday to help get rid of all the bloating I was experiencing. So I was super happy Hope you are all having a great week so far!
  • Go ahead and add me to the list of people who totally ignored the fact that they're dieting over this past weekend. For mother's day I went to my grandmother's house. She does a lot of fishing, so we had all this fried fish and homemade coleslaw and fries. And god, the dessert. My mom actually attempted to make a semi-healthy fruit-based desert but it was sweetened with aspartame, which I can't have. So I ate some pecan pie instead.

    Surprisingly it didn't reflect so much at my weigh-in this week. But it might be because the only other things I ate on Sunday were raw veggies and water.