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sugarbutt 05-08-2007 01:59 PM

Getting back on Track
Yeah so to i need to get back on track.... so many life changes resently.. havnt had time to do anything.. i have fallen off the wagon so many times and each time i try and get back on it gets harder and harder.. to stay on.. its so easy to say what the **** i am goin eat this whole bag of candy.. its so much easier to go to fast food.. skipping this meal will be okay.. i have better things to do than go for a walk and/or exercise.. but i need to.. i need to stop all the excuses and get in the grove of things.. i got down to my goal weight and then i decided to quit smoking.. well that was a good but stupid idea to think.. after quiting fora while 8 months i gained alot back... and then with a stressful relationship i started again.. i am inthe process of quitting again.. but instead of cold turkey i am doin it one day at a time and cutting back.. and i am now trying to get a ellipital or tredmil here at my new place.. give me something to do when i am just watchin TV.. but does anyone have any advice on what or how to get movitated and stay motivated.. i think thats my biggest problem!

thanks a million Jen

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