Kids? And then ramble, ramble.....

  • Do any of you have kids yet? I think I may be in the minority here on that one, LOL. If you do, what role does that play in your weight loss efforts? For me, losing weight was at the heart of the matter, period. I knew better than to do crash diets, but the goal was all about the numbers. Now my perspective has changed because I know I have to be their example. So I'm focusing more on doing the family activities, it's not as much of a workout for me, but I need them to get in the habit, too. I used to take time out of the day after DH came home to go run, and I dropped weight pretty easily. But I came home and they got to have the "good" meal (the junk, really, LOL) and I had to have a Lean Cuisine. I was the one separating myself from them to fix this thing I had done to myself, and I don't think that was the right way to look at things. I think a big part of the reason I'm back where I started is because I hated feeling left out of everything. I didn't want to have to punish the rest of the family for me being fat. But Claire has my body shape already. She's a tiny little thing, but she has the baby bootie, the roundness to her hips, the heaviness in her thighs. She's just 20 months old, so I am quite sure that most of the shape is just normal baby shape, but with my side and Jon's mother's side, she can't escape the pear. If she has the gift of our heavy genes, she's always going to have to watch her weight. I figure instilling healthy habits now is better for her, for all of us, in the long run. It seems so daunting, though. I panic a little when I think "I'm giving up *insert vice here* FOREVER." Everyone tells me that my body will stop craving these things when it hasn't had them in a while, but I don't BELIEVE THEM! LOL. The kids are already limited in their sugar and salt intake, I keep an eye on their protein and fiber, and I always joke that if I fed myself as well as I fed them, I'd be the skinniest, healthiest girl on the block. They don't even know what a Spaggheti-O is, lucky them!! LOL. But I'm still worried they are going to start picking up my bad habits and I want to nip that in the bud rightnowrightnow. Soooooo, those of you with anklebiters, how do they play into all of this? Do you stay active together? What do they think of it all? Sorry this was all disjointed and random- I'm multi-tasking today. LOL
  • i have 2 boys one will be 5 on the 28th and the other will be 15 months on the 22nd of this month. i used to make them whatever they wanted to eat, mac n cheese, hot dogs, pizza and i was always too tired to play with them. i decided that i did not want to be a " fat mom" anymore. and so since i started eating much more healthier, so do they. they only get fast food maybe once a month instead of once a week. i also started walking to go pick up my son from school 2 days a week ( 4 miles) and he has to walk home. 2 miles. he no longer complains and we are definately having more family time playing together instead of me watching them play.
    ok that was long winded, but yes i understand where you are coming from.
  • I try to feed my son fruit, but he would rather have vienna sausages and pizza rolls...he is a very picky eater so since I want him fed for the day, I practically feed him whatever he wants. HE does like bananas, he eats the whole wheat bread with me, and he loves grapes and that is good!
  • Its a little tougher for me. I have a 2 yr old boy who is allergic to milk. I eat yogurt a lot, and he always wants. Im having trouble with the sweet tooth thing. My son is sucking a lollipop as we speak. He does like fruits....some veggies....and I can say, he eats healthier than I Picky eater indeed. As far as exercise, difficult as well. If we go for a walk, we dont get very far before its time to go home. I occasionally have time to hit the gym when my bf isnt working (my son is going through the separation anxiety phase and wont let go of my ankle at the gym's day care) Id love to know how other parents deal with the meals and fitness throughout the day.
  • My kids both have a sensitivity to dairy, so we have to be careful about replacing their foods with soy alternatives. They make a yummy soy yogurt if he wants to snack with you. I usually find it by the rest of the yogurt.
  • No kids here. Sooooooooooooooo not ready. I do however have the most adorable 6 month old goddaughter!!

  • My son is 15 months old, and one of my reasons for losing weight, is.... when he's older and playing with his friends, I don't want him to get made fun of for having "a fat mom" Now that the weather is warm, I take him outside to play, or we go to the park for a walk. He hates when I do my exercise tapes though, he just screams and screams!!
    He loves to eat fruits and veggies, so I try to buy and eat more fruit like he does. I'm doing WW at home, so I can eat a variety of things, and I try to make healthy meals for the whole family!
    It's really hard though, when DH only wants to eat hot dogs, and pizza all the time!!
  • You know what is fun to do if he hates the workout tapes? My son had "Yummy Yummy" from the Wiggles, and they are effing nuts. Just try to dance along with them without panting. Maybe he'll have fun with you instead of screaming at you, LOL. They take little water breaks, and "Jody works with 5 hammers" is a mean ab workout.
  • my son is 2, and LOVES to be outside. Cries terribly when someone else goes out and he cant. He is one of my main reasons for losing weight, he and his dad are both built tall and thin. They love swimming, playing, walking, etc. I however, have never worn shorts or a bathing suit in front of my boyfriend, whom I've been with for 4 years, and lived with for 2 years. I know that is pretty sad, but I'm very funny about how people will judge me. I have been making recipes out of the LAWL cookbook, and that is great for me, because we can all eat them. My son is picky as well, he isnt crazy about veggies or meat. He is a major starch person. He does like fruit though. I've also foudn that he LOVES my LA Lite bars! LOL. They are full of protein, so why not let him have one every once in awhile!? Anyhow, I am looking forward to being able to enjoy the summer for once.
  • I have three kids, all girls. It's difficult to feed them foods that I eat on my diet and not feed them junks. My DH considers any meal without rice or meat unacceptable. Unfortunately, I don't have a metabolism like his and end up making 3 breakfasts, 1 for him, 1 for me and 1 for my kids. Two lunches and two dinners. After awhile it gets pretty frustrating. I noticed that my children did pick up my bad eating habits. I would much rather eat a can of pringles than eat a whole meal even if it meant I had to skip one. The great thing is that now my children want to eat more salads and fruits because I am. Teaching your children while they are young to eat healthy will only work out to their advantage in the future. After all, I know I picked up my bad eating habits from my mom.
  • lol. "fruit salad...yummy yummy...." I am not able to do my workout tapes son insists on joining me and about 9 of 10 of his tiny toes gets smooshed by my ginormous shoes. I keep telling him its him...not me...thats the uncoordinated one. So the wiggles it is for this week....or
  • I want to physically harm the doodlebops when I see them. We saw them three or four times and I put an end to that, LOL. Aren't those the most annoying costumes and voices ever??