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Sheena696 05-07-2007 01:24 PM

Just checking in...
I haven't been on in almost 2 weeks!! I'm still doing well. Haven't fell off the wagon or anything like that. I did just suffer through a stall practically the whole time I wasn't on here posting though. It was so frustrating!! But I guess it has decided to start coming back off thank goodness. Though this morning 1 lb showed up out of no where. I am really happy though. For the first time, I am 100% dedicated to my goal. I still haven't started my pilates like I have been planning though. I have what I need..well except for a dvd player for my videos in the living room, but that is easily fixed. I am doing my own little work out while I am watching my regular tv though until I get my dvd player. Yesterday I walked for about an hour. I hope to keep on doing that, but yesterday was one of those rare days when I had time for myself lol. Hopefully I can keep it up!! Hope everyone is well. I got some posts to read so I can catch up!!! And I got to go fix my ticker!!

silver plum 05-07-2007 07:03 PM

Glad you're doing well!
I just did pilates for the first time yesterday! I think it will definately take me awhile to master all the moves - but it was fun!

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