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I've had the Mississippi Mud dessert and the Cookie Dough sundae dessert (both Smart Ones) and I can atttest that they taste awesome, the Mississippi Mud slightly better IMO, and taste a lot like what you'd get in a restraunt.
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Slightly unrelated, but I just bought some of the new Thinsations cookies. I absolutely looove the chocolate chip and the honey maid ones, so I'm hoping the peanut butter and shortcake ones are equally delicious!
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Roasted Chicken w/ Lemon Pepper Fettuccini, Lemongrass Chicken, and Sesame Chicken. I like most of the red-sauce pasta dishes, too. There's not many of them I'll turn down, unless they have mushrooms, I'm not a fan.
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My favorite is the Old Mushroom and Spinach Pizza...since that one is no longer made I like the Roasted Vegetable Pizza and the Cheese Canoli and/or Ravoli...i dont like the new Mushroom and Spinach Pizza as much at all!
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My favorites would have to be the spinach and mushroom pizza, and the southwestern chicken panini. They are sooooo good!
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I love the broccoli,potato, cheese one...yummy! its just like a fast food potato. i try and stay away from any with meat, its just too spongy and questionable to me.
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my favorite is the chicken enchilada suiza... yummmy... There aren't many I don't like (I don't eat seafood so all the salmon/shrimp ones are out). There are a few I'm sick of though, like the beef tips portobello. Used to love it, but I guess I overdid it. Oh and the smart ones strawberry shortcake is AWESOME!!!
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My favorite is the chicken in peanut sauce - it's part of the spa cuisine line, so is made with whole wheat pasta, and the sauce is pretty tasty. I generally use the Lean Cuisine's to satisfy my cravings without going hog wild - so the potstickers, thin crust pizzas, enchilada suiza, etc. keep me on the straight and narrow without feeling deprived.

I do try to limit them to one or two a week, since the sodium is quite high, but when I don't feel like cooking, it's nice to have them available.
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Thanks guys. Now I have to go to the store after work and buy some Lean Cuisines. Atleast I have an Idea of what is good.
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My favorites are pretty much the entire new SpaCuisine line (twice the veggies!) and their panini line -- however, I don't care for LC's lasagna (it doesn't make my lasagna cravings go away so I might as well just eat the real deal, rather than eat a LC and then add the real thing on top of it haha).
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I favorites include the and potato and broccoli in cheddar cheese sauce, the chicken in peanut sauce and the santa fe style rice and beans!

The Smart Ones are okay but I don't like them as much so I don't buy them unless there's a good sale. I've never tried the desserts.

The one brand I don't like are the Healthy Choice frozen meals, they all seem kind of bland and boring, however I love the Healthy Choice vegetable soup cups in the soup aisle.
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I made a decision to quit eating the frozen meals 9 or 10 months ago, but prior to that I ate them pretty much every day.

I really liked:
LC sesame chicken with the noodles
Vegetarian eggroll with rice (really great!)
Spaghetti with meat sauce

I don't like dairy so I stayed away from anything with cheese or cream sauces, so I can't comment on those.
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i don't eat them very often, i loathe bell peppers and find they are in almost every frozen meal i look at. icky. i do love the new panini's...

i do eat a lot of frozen stuff at lunch at work... mostly Amy's burritos or Morning Star "chicken" patties that kind of thing. I do like the Kashi sweet & sour chicken. Not only is it whole grain rice pilaf, but they have edamame in it which I love. pricey, but worth it if it's on sale.
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I like the Spa Cuisine dinners the best so far! I'm not a big frozen meal person, but those are pretty tasty!!
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