How do you deal with PMS cravings

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  • Previously when i was thinner i used to get a fresh lemon and a glass (preferably a pint glass) and slice the lemon put it into the glass fill with water and put in loads of ice cubes and drink the lot as fast as possible and i felt bloated so i couldnt eat anything crappy.
  • I eat fruit it really does help even if it sounds boring. I would make sure you start the day with protien as it does keep you fuller longer. Raw nuts if you can eat them, only keep so many so you don't go over board.
    I was watching the truth about food last night. They did an experiment where a couple of guys ate a meal of broccoli , chichen and mushrooms with a glass of water and then another couple of guys had the same meal , but with the water processed with the food and had it served like soup.
    The second meal kept them fuller longer by 45 minutes. So hope that helps
  • I give in to them, but I don't go overboard, then I just take a deep breath and move on the next day. I have tried replacing, but when it wants chocolate, I have to feed the beast. I just take out a small portion and don't eat the whole bag. I have the ability to do that, though. If you know that once you pop you can't stop, then try to find a healthy (or healthier) replacement. Since my grandmother went through menopause she has always had a mad chocolate craving after dinner. So she waits until that time to take her Viactiv because it is chocolate flavored.