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Unhappy I just had a total binge weekend

I'm so disappointed with myself.
I didn't eat one single healthy thing this entire weekend. I have only been dieting for a week now and the second weekend that comes around I give in.
It's just that when I spend time with my boyfriend I feel so amazing with him that I want to live life and experience everything. So when I spent this weekend with him I ended up indulging.
Now that he has gone home and I sit here in my dorm room alone, I am so upset that I gave up this weekend.

Will I ever lose weight
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*hugs* Don't stress it. Personal experience says that if you keep beating yourself up,, you'll feel worse, and then turn to more food to make you feel better.

One weekend, in the long run, is not horrible in the long run. You are making a LIFESTYLE CHANGE, learning how to do everything new. You can't expect yourself to jump right into perfection... ****, after 8 months of eating right and exercising, I still find myself binging from time to time. Go read in the maintainer's forum, they've lost it all, some of them for years, and they still have to watch themselves and slip up.

And you know what? It's ok.

So just chalk this up to experience. Try to look at what caused you to eat - did you wait too long before eating? are there activities/situations/emotions that trigger poor eating habits? Look at it from there and more forward.

*hugs* You will lose the weight! If I can, so can anyone.. and I started from higher than you!

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Though you may not have eaten the best things in the world - did you really binge? Because I find that though I may not eat the best things when I am with a boy (toy) - I won't overeat (as much) - becuase I am a) happier b) don't want to be like that in front of him

So maybe you didn't do as badly as you thought? (And maybe you did more excersize with him around too...not just in the ahem dormroom...)
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Hi Purdue,

I feel your pain...I had such a bad weekend too- very bold, ate everything in sight. Don't be depressed, you can lose weight, you know you can.

Why don't you try and be super, super good during the week. And then for example take Saturday off but try and get back into the swing of things on Sunday- maybe make that your extra excercise day or something.

Don't give up- you just need to find a structure to your diet that doesn't make you feel like your missing out.

Good luck!
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Lauren, it'll be OK. Like Fae said, this is all pretty new to you. So one bad day/weekend won't be the end of the world. Just don't try to compensate for it by starving yourself today - trust me, you'll just end up face-first in junk food later today. Go have a nice healthy breakfast, and if you can fit in an extra-long workout today then do so.

I had an iffy weekend foodwise...went to a bachelorette party...I didn't eat or drink badly but I didn't eat hardly any veggies all weekend so now I feel all bloated. I'm just going to do what I normally try to do and since hubby is out of town today I'm going to do a longer workout than normal.

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Start over today.
I used to have awful bigne weekends when I was restricting all sort of foods. SPecially cereal and fruit for I have a sweet tooth. Now I incorporate them into my diet again and feel so much better. I dont crave sweets anymore as I can have better and healthier options.
DO NOT BEAT YOUR SELF UP. It is done, you can't rewrite the past.
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All great advice! I would only add this - when your boyfriend comes to visit, the part of the weekend that you should focus on enjoying is HIM, not food! If you go out to dinner, try to enjoy his company more than the food, etc. This really helps me when I have issues like that - when friends/family are visiting or I am visiting them.
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I went to 3 baseball games (GO TIGERSSSSS!!) this weekend-- so I feel your pain! It's hard to eat well in situations like that ! Plus -- BEER ! UGGG!

Just don't let it become a binge week ! Start new today !
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I am glad to know I am not the only one who falls completely off the workout/diet plan over the weekend. I mean, during the week I do SO well with eating healthy and exercising. Then the weekend rolls around and I eat all the stuff I have been depriving myself of all week.

On Sunday morning, I got out of bed and sat in my recliner in my pj's for about 2 hours eating chocolate candy (leftover from Easter) and watching "I Love Lucy". It was actually a really enjoyable morning- but then the rest of the day I continued to just eat whatever I wanted. It's like- I started the day off eating junk- so I might as well keep going. Now this morning my pants feel tight and I feel guilty. Was the food worth it? No. But yesterday I sure seemed to think so.

I guess all you really can do is get back on your workout/diet schedule. I take a Tae Bo class on Monday nights, and I am hoping it will kick my *** back into shape tonight!
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You SO can lose weight! One bad weekend does not mean that everything is ruined forever!!!
Just get right back into eating right and exercising and you will start losing and feeling better!
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I had a rough weekend, too, in terms of my intake. Saturday was particularly bad. I was all dressed up and really in the mood to go out and do something fun, yet the phone was definitely NOT ringing for me. (haha) I felt kind of neglected and I kept telling myself: "don't binge...don't binge...don't binge."

let's see...

I ate: 3/4 of a pizza, two servings of ice cream, and a piece of pie.

I haven't done anything like that in a LONG time. It was very demoralizing. But you know what? It happens. Even to the best of us. Sometimes we're just too tired, angry, hungry, bored, or sad.

As long as you pick yourself up and keep going...you WILL lose weight. One bad weekend does not undo weeks or months of hard work! Keep going and remind yourself of how strong you are. We're all here for you!!
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For a second there, I thought I had written this message!!!lol. I am the same way! What I do is eat as healthy as possible throughout the week, and get my exercise in. And then on the weekends I give myself a little "lee-way". I felt terrible in the beginning, but its been 3 weeks, so far. But you need to establish a routine that works with YOUR schedule. I am one of those dieters who lose hope really quickly, needless to say that if I dont see results after one week of going to the gym, I get discouraged. But if you work with it, it'll work. Keep us posted!
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Hey guys, I just signed on and read everything you all posted. All I have to say is, THANK YOU! You all are supporting me so much right now, you have no idea.
I do realize that I cannot stay completely healthy during the weekends, with all the situations that come up then - boyfriend, parties, other social things - it is almost impossible. I need to give myself a little lee-way during the weekend.

I am back on track now. Yesterday I cheated some more but today I woke up and felt no desire whatsoever to eat something unhealthy. Then I came on and read all this and now I feel like I can tackle anything!!

Thanks everyone, so much!!!
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Oh god, I know what you mean. I do the exact same thing. I'm great during the week, but as soon as I go over to the boyfriend's (for the weekend, or he comes here), I often fall completely off track. There are a few reasons for this:

1. If I go over to his place, I lose access to "my foods", and he doesn't keep much healthy food around. I don't get to start the day off with my usual breakfast, and get thrown off.
2. He likes junk food, and likes sharing with me. He likes giving me treats, seeing me happy (and then feels terrible if I complain about eating poorly and not feeling good about myself because of it, because he knows he contributes).
3. I'm so comfortable with him, and he makes me feel like my weight doesn't matter at all. So why not indulge?

Before I met my boyfriend, I had lost 60lbs within 8 months. After we started dating, I gained 20lbs in 3 months. I'm just trying to lose that weight now, but every time I see him it's so much harder. He doesn't have too much interest in eating healthier or exercising, and it's not something I can force onto him. He doesn't have the same "If I have one bite, I want it ALL" mentality that I do. I don't really binge with him, but I often eat as much as he does, and he's a big man who likes candy and cake and other such things, and eats them very regularly.
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I feel your pain too. I had a horrible weekend filled with eating lots of junk and not getting much exercise in. I was starting to get on the "well I already started binging, so I might as well keep at it" mentality which is dangerous. I have to try really hard not to let a binge last or I'll be in serious trouble. Like the others said, its a new week (and even if you get off track a little, then hey its a new day!).
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