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WakeMeForSummer 04-06-2007 11:25 AM

I WANT TO PIERCE MY BELLY BUTTON !! (when I find it..)
:D HI!!! Happy FRIDAY!!! :D

I need a fun little thread started. I want to know whats one thing you're REALLY looking forward to doing when you reach your goal- or if you've reached it, what did you do?

Me? I've always wanted to pierce my belly button-- I know it's silly, and I'm probably approaching WAY to old for it-- but I'm gonna do it one day ! :-)

OK Hotties ! Your turns!

canadian mom 04-06-2007 12:07 PM

I want to get a tattoo on my lower back. I am thinking some sort of celtic heart with 4 roses(representing my kids) and maybe their names but it may be too much going on so i may have to drop their names.

Hoovey 04-06-2007 01:25 PM

Me Too!
Hi! Yours was one of the 1st posts I read, because I have always said the same thing....when my belly button FINALLY looks like this :o and NOT like this :( then I will get it pierced!! Thanks for the smile your post brought me today.

Dolphinditto 04-06-2007 01:29 PM

I wan't a belly button piercing too but as if my dad would ever let me LOL :)

WakeMeForSummer 04-06-2007 01:37 PM


Originally Posted by Hoovey (Post 1642428)
Hi! Yours was one of the 1st posts I read, because I have always said the same thing....when my belly button FINALLY looks like this :o and NOT like this :( then I will get it pierced!! Thanks for the smile your post brought me today.

LOL!! Thanks ! :-) Here's to :o !!

Rock Chalk Chick 04-06-2007 01:54 PM

I thought for years that I'd do X when I lost weight - wear a bikini, get a tattoo, dance like I'm the hottest girl in the room, run a marathon, do a triathlon, etc. It's actually only been once I stopped thinking about what I want to do "when..." and just what I want to do that I've really started to enjoy myself, and, bonus, I'm losing weight along with it!

Here's my tattoo - front of my left hip (picture taken on a beach in Tobago, while wearing a bikini, after dancing like a madwoman for several days of vacation!)

caseygail21 04-06-2007 02:19 PM

That is awesoem Rock Chalk Chick!

I want a peace sign that says "imagine" on the right side of my lower back. I want to go ahead and get it now, but I'm afraid it would look weird once I do lose the weight, so I'm going to wait...

sweet_talker 04-06-2007 02:45 PM

I'm really looking forward to putting on this one pair of pants that I own. That's a bit of a lame goal but they are lovely pants.

They're black and sort of a bootcut with a bit of shine to them. When I bought them they sort of fit, I mean, they were tight and dug into my stomach when I sat down but were certainly manageable and made my feel great about my body. I want those pants to FIT. Fit beautifully.

Oh, and I'm looking forward to not be self conscious in tighter fitting tops.

CecelliaStrick9 04-06-2007 02:46 PM

let me tell you. it takes MASSIVE weight loss, and i mean hundreds of lbs, \for tattoos do disfigure.

honestly, there is NO REASON to put life on hold for weight loss. im with rockchalkchick on this one...just do it!

my next endeavours include beginning a sleeve on my right arm, and a rib/side piece of the virgin of guadalupe. my weight isnt holding me back..its my bank roll!

but seriously. dont put life on hold for weightloss. there is no reason to. :)

Rock Chalk Chick 04-06-2007 03:02 PM

Yup, I agree with Cecellia - I checked into it carefully before I had my tattoo, and it typically takes a 100+ pound loss to risk altering a tattoo. Granted, there are exceptions - basically any context where the skin doesn't retract following weight loss (the "loose skin" issues that have several threads around 3FC) will obviously result in a tattoo that's loose and funky, too. I've got about 60 pounds to move, but it's going to be slow and with any luck won't alter my tats much - if anything, the phoenix might shrink a bit as my skin shrinks, but that's not much of an issue. (I've also got a sunflower on my foot - not really much of a weight issue!)

On the other side of things, the risk of stretch marks and tattoo disfigurement is pretty good on the side of GAINING a significant amount of weight - I consider my little phoenix to be a reminder to never regain the weight. The phoenix is a sign of "rebirth" - I consider it a symbol of my choice to own my life and live it as I want (overcoming some abuse issues in my childhood), and getting the tattoo while I'm still fat was part of that choice. I own who I am and I won't let anything hold me back.

(Though piercings will wait 'til I'm settled. I did have my navel pierced when I was in college, and fat, though not as fat as I am now - about 175. I would not recommend that, since it was pretty obvious as I gained and lost weight that the skin in/around the navel moved somewhat - what was once a decent piercing became superficial when I lost weight. I've considered getting it repierced but will definitely wait until I'm at a healthy weight and have held it for quite a while!)

My next piercing will probably be a vertical hood, though. Google it if you don't know what it is, but don't if you're squeamish/prudish!

CecelliaStrick9 04-06-2007 03:18 PM

LUCKY! im not anatomically suited for a vertical hood piercing (i know-tmi). but, i do have other 'down there' piercings. theyre awesome...and really boosted my confidence/sexy-feeling factor when i got them. i have outer labial rings, and had a christina.

i will agree with you on navel piercings and weight loss. theyre tricky to begin with, but losing weight could screw up what was originally a good piercing. plus theyre anatomy dependent, just like most piercings. i've never been interested in them though.

i guess the one thing that im waiting for 'weight loss' for is a pubic tattoo. lol.

maalisse 04-06-2007 03:29 PM


Originally Posted by Hoovey (Post 1642428)
Hi! Yours was one of the 1st posts I read, because I have always said the same thing....when my belly button FINALLY looks like this :o and NOT like this :( then I will get it pierced!!

Ahahaha! That's the perfect way to put it. :)

My tummy is getting a lot closer to :o than it was when I started, but I'm going to save it for my goal weight (or whatever weight I end up being happy with...maybe be closer to 150).

canadian mom 04-06-2007 03:39 PM

Money issues is what is mainly holding me back but if I have surgery done it could effect my tatt as I want it to come to my sides and do not want to have to fix it. Then there is the finding a good artist. I may have to travel i haven't checked out the shop in town . It has only been around a few years and all the others have closed.

TracyFAdams 04-06-2007 05:12 PM

I don't think I could do a tattoo, just because it would make me nervous because I would want it somewhere I know would stretch during pregnancy (something that will happen in the way distant future) and I have my bellybutton pierced, 3 actually, and within about 60 pounds it doesn't really change...I can tell you that from experience. I was going to do them all around, but I stopped at 3 for some reason, probably boredom at the time :lol: and I know my skin stretches like crazy so...yeah. I think I'll just go for the bikini and tighter shirts, as mentioned by someone else before, and this summer I want to go out to Tim's House of Pain (pt aka exercise for poolees aka kids joining the marines/thinking about it/bored and have friends doing it) on Thursday's in shorts and a little sports tank and kick some butt! Let's see if they'd still call me mom then when their Sergeant's hot wife shows up :lol: :carrot: Plus, I'm going to start a baking and pastry arts course this fall and I don't want to look like I dove into my practice work before I even get there. I know, "never trust a skinny chef" but I have my limits :lol:

and I got a chill with the hood piercing part...I knew what it was :lol:

SavingServo 04-06-2007 05:21 PM

I don't really have anything... other than hot new clothes of course. :D
I'm pretty close to my goal weight... and I would just like to get a tat but then again I don't know about permanently marking my body. Iím such a flaky person.
Iíd pierce something but Iíve only got a bunch (10). And belly button Iíve heard horrible stories about it getting caught on shirts and whatnot. Not to mention I don't currently have the money for it.
But I feel like I should do something!

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