Grocery shopping

  • I went groceries shopping yesterday with my sister. I made my list and stuck to it for the most part. When I went to pick up my chocolate rice cakes (I like to put SF cool whip on them a great 75 calorie dessert) they were out. I was so upset that they were out of rice cakes. I ended up buying another flavor. Then I went to buy popcorn. I buy bags of jiffy pop and then air pop it at home and spritz with ff icbinb. Well again I got upset because they were out of popcorn (or at least the stuff without all the greasy butter on it).

    My sister was laughing at me not because I was upset that they didnít have what I wanted but because of the type of food I was upset about. She thought it was funny that I was so disappointed because I couldnít get rice cakes.

    Which made me think when did my top snacks become plain popcorn and rice cakes. Such a change in lifestyle
  • definitely an accomplishment. your sister shouldn't laugh. don't worry, we all understand
  • You should be proud of yourself. I'm still at the point that if they don't carry what I want I would buy something higher calorie and not as healthy for me.

  • haha!! im the same way!!! Congrats on your accomplishments!!