Girls Night

  • I'm having a girls night tonight with pizzas and booze. I'm opting for a Greek Salad (easy on the feta, no dressing!) but need some help with my beverage! I'm thinking a hard alcohol, like vodka, and diet caffeine free soda. I love pairing raspberry vodka and sierra mist free with a lime wedge. Are the flavored vodkas worse for you? Am I wrong in thinking this is a decent choice? Is two drinks awful of me? What do you guys suggest?

    Thanks a bunch!
  • I like Rasberry Stoli and Diet Ginger Ale-- :-)

    Just dont be like me last night-- it SUCKS having to enter 96 oz of beer into fitday ! :-)
  • If you like wine you could always choose a nice red wine. That's what I usually opt for. Or you could do vodka and 100% cranberry juice. I know the juice has sugar, but its also not TOO bad.
  • I do love red wine, and I mean love. I'll end up having a "few" glasses and lose all control over snacking...

    I just read somewhere, maybe on here, that Pinot Noir is the more healthy red wine choice. WOOHOO - that's my favorite!
  • hahah...Then I say go for red wine, but remember everything in moderation so that you don't lose control over the snacking.

  • Wine is a good choice - red or white. As for hard liquor I always go with a diet mixer, if you are going to a bar you might be limited to diet cola, which you could mix with whiskey, vanilla vodka, rum (maybe a flavored rum like coconut) all of these are about 70 calories per ounce. Or you could do a gin and tonic (tonic is only 10 calories per ounce) or vodka and tonic. If you are staying in and drinking then you can always buy a diet mixer like diet cranberry juice or some other type of diet juice.
  • I have been drinking diet soda with flavored vodka a lot recently!
    Drinkmaster(dot)com says that Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka has 69 calories per ounce and the Citrus one has 100 calories per ounce.
    I like them mixed with sprite zero or with those calorie free flavored waters.
    Or diet coke with the citrus vodka!

    Have fun!