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Hi Everyone....
I check this site often, but I dont usually post. I just felt the urge to b/c i'm having a down day

I keep losing and regaining the same 10lbs and it is SO frustrating. I feel like I make all these sacrifices...always ordering salads at dinner, not drinking when going out w/ friends, and spending 5 days a week at the gym, which is not necessarily how i want to spend my time.

But I feel like all of this work and effort is for nothing because in the end, i have nothing to show for it.

It's not even like I go crazy and binge on mcdonalds or something and gain the weight back. The littlest "mistakes" can cause weeks of hard work to vanish! I see what all of my friends eat and drink and I just dont understand why my body sucks at processing calories so much! lol Even when I'm not on my "diet A-game," I eat decently healthy and workout. but it's SO easy for me to gain weight!

I just dont know how to break out of this plateau...i cant imagine having to struggle like this for the rest of my life! ANyone else feel similarly?
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just me
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chances are you are just gaining water weight. especially if your eating more salt. just keep your head up and keep at it. it sucks sometimes but try and stay as positive as you can. good luck.
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i understand.

i have been losing the same 5kg for the last year. it is frustrating but if i am honest with myself i can see where i need to focus and improve to lose the weight and keep it off.

if you are doing the same thing then why not try something different. add more protein to your diet or change your exercise routine or add in an extra snack. what you have been doing is working but your body is getting used to it so a change will do you good.

alternatively, perhaps you are already at your ideal weight. perhaps your goal of 135lbs is too low and your body is trying to really hold onto that last bit of weight.

sit down and think it over and don't stress about it. you will get there and it will be all the more sweeter because of obstacles like this.
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I totally understand... All throughout college I jumped back and forth from 130 to 140. I felt like I was always struggling to lose those 10 pounds and then they would just creep back up. I hated having two sizes of jeans in my closet.

...Of course the year after college I jumped up to 160... haha oops.

Anyway - sorry I dont have much advice. Maybe try to switch things up a bit? Different excercise?
Just wanted to let you know I know how you feel. I am terrified that I will always be battling my weight.
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I understand completely. One thing that helped me is changing up my workout routine more frequently than I used to. I am reading this book right now that has really good suggestions. i actually read about it in the exercise forum...its called the body sculpting bible for women. it has a ton of great information you should check it out maybe it can give you some ideas. i know its helped me.
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