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Exclamation Family Gathering = weight gain.. tons of anxiety

I am admitting now that I have an OCD side.

So I've been thinking about going home for Easter weekend. Originally I wasn't going to go. I am really focused on losing this weight and I liked the idea of not returning home until I do. Plus I could stick to my gym schedule that way and not be persuaded to eat more food as I do at home.

But, then my housemate (who is from my hometown) informs me that she will driving home for that weekend and it is a cheap and perfect way for me to see my family. I love my family and want to see them definitely. But, I'm having a lot of anxiety about it.

a) I have no access to the gym when I am home. That means 3 full days of not going to the gym. That freaks me out.

b) I do not have my own healthy food. I'm forced to rely on other people's pantries and tastes and although I can minimize the damage by getting fruits and veggies, it just is never the same.

I know that it is possible to minimize the damage, but the fact that I'm basically not working out and eating less healthy food (not to mention Easter dinner complete with tons of food and dessert) is really stressing me out.

My family so far has never understood the physical anxiety I feel after not working out for a few days because none of them have set foot in a gym. I have tried to explain it to them but it seems to fall on deaf ears. And then I know I will have to explain myself each time I make a different choice for food or don't have dessert. I feel somewhat like a failure for eating my way up to this weight (although my father has never said that, being perfect in his eyes has always been important to me). So for me to have to continually tell my family that I dont want what they are having or need to work out, it is just hard. It makes me different and shows that I am admitting I failed before and now have to correct it.

I dont know if I am explaining this properly since I am at work quickly typing. Does anyone else feel this much anxiety over seeing their family? It seems ridiculous. I know I am very routine oriented though and have never been great at plan changes, or things like that. How do you get over this?

Thanks for the thoughts.
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just me
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i can totally relate to how you feel. I'm off at college in my own town with my own gym and my own food. my grandparents understand that im trying to lose weight so they go out of their way to buy the food i need before i get there. But when i went to my sisters house, it was a different story. i felt bad because i didnt want to eat any of the food they had, so i simple went to the store and got my own food. it does kinda suck but honestly just ask ur parents to get you some of the food you for working out, me and my nephew went for a long walk at the track at his school. they usually keep them open for the kids so you might want to try that. and id ur parents say anything to you about it, just say something like you have built up energy and you want to run it off and you like working out. family is always hard to deal with but usually if ur just honest and laugh at them and urself it makes it easier. hope this helped!!!
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Going the rest of the way
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What type of plan do you use? As a calorie counter, I survive family gatherings by keeping my portions tiny, then eating veggies until I'm full -- it gets rid of the "why aren't you trying ______" questions, and lets me enjoy myself without gorging. If I know what the meal is ahead of time, I hop on FitDay and input it, then tweak the portions until I'm happy with the calorie content so that I know how much of each dish I can take. I usually give myself a bit of leeway (I normally eat 1400-1600 per day, but I'll do 1700 one day if there's a special occasion). If you're on other plans, obviously, this sort of approach may not work for you.

Also, do you have any access to running/walking while you're at home? It may not be the gym, and it isn't weightlifting, but it's a good way to keep your cardio up when you're away from the gym. Even just suggesting a family walk after your big meal would do more good than sitting around afterwards -- or go by yourself if it isn't your thing. Even just stretching and situps will be better than nothing!

I recently had a stressful family gathering, so I can totally relate. I hope my tips help, or at least give you inspiration for something that will work for you. Good luck to you. I hope you survive okay.
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Thanks so much for the support. I know I'm being slightly neurotic but that's just me. I am going to bring some snack food with me to make sure I'm not eating junk in between meals. I am also going to bring work out clothes and hope to get a run in!

Thanks for the advice!
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I know exactly how you feel. I'm in a long distance relationship and when I go on visits I freak out for the week before, knowing that I won't be able to exercise Fri, Sat, or Sun. I've tried to incorporate SOME physical activity, even if it's just walking around town or something, into the visits, and it helps me not go crazy. I also try to add an extra few minutes into my workouts the week before so I don't lose as much "time." as for eating, it sounds like you have a good idea. It helped me IMMENSELY to devise a plan of attack for my visits with the gf, and I wrote it in my blog so I can reference it from wherever if I need to hold myself accountable.Even if I don't stick with it completely, I feel a little better knowing that I'm not going into the weekend completely blind.

So far that's worked for me, and I do make the trip every two weeks or so. I think you should definitely go to see your family... you can do it! I know it's hard to balance these things, but it doesn't sound like you get to see them often so I'd definitely go for it and hone your plan of attack.
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