just ranting...a lot

  • ok so sorry if this is all over the place, but i made the biggest mistake in the whole entire world today. I went to the grocery store hungry. yes i can hear all of you gasping. my fridge was completely bare and all i had to eat was mustard (yeah can u tell i'm in college). so after my chem class i went to the store. there is chocolate, poptarts, cheesecake and fruity pebbles in my kitchen at this very moment. i dont really even like cheese cake. i havent had fruity pebbles since i was like 12. but there they sit. so now i have i get the joy of throwing away 20 or more dollars worth of food.
    oh yeah i'm going to Europe this summer...backpacking...i have to get in shape so i dont die and make us late for everything. I'm going with my best friend who is skinny(*****, she eats more than i do) and now i'm kinda freaking out and there is chocolate in my kitchen. there are starving people in this world and i'm throwing food away. oh yeah if anyone would like a buddy send me a messege. with this trip coming up i'm ganna need everything that i can get. i hope all of you have had a wonderful day!!! oh yeah sorry about the ranting!!
  • Hmm that is a tough one. I understand some of the time you have to go to the store hungry (there is just nothing you can do about it). My solution (which works most of the time) is to make a list and stick to it. Just a suggestion in case you have to go to the store hungry again. And with the food you have that you don't want to eat either give it to another poor college student (being one I have alwasy appericated gifts of food) or donate it to a food bank (a lot of colleges have them ran though health centers).

    Your trip to Europe sounds really fun. I went to England a few years ago and it was so much fun!!! However I understand the fear of hiking around Europe, I didn't do that but I went on an enviornmental study program in New Zealand which had a ton of phyical exercise. Half way though the trip I went bungy jumping and my weighted was 271 pounds (I am sure that I had lost weight between getting there and that point). Most of the people on my trip were thin however I did every hike they did. It might have taken me a little longer but it was so worth it. If you want it you will be able to do it!
  • I understand !! Trust me ! I bought like.. $20 worth of girl scout cookies that are completly the bane of my existance right now-- luckily I work at a community center, so I bring food to work with me and feed it to my co-workers and the kids that come in. Do you have other people to feed it too? Take it to work or to a class? (and trust me.. just finished my undergrad last year.. I lived on Mac and Cheese and Tomato soup-- so I understand the whole "only mustard" thing!!)
  • Well, look at it as $20 dollars lost but at least you didnt gain the weight you would if you were to eat that stuff.
  • I have certainly done that before. Now I go to the grocery store on Saturday mornings right after my workout when I'm not hungry and I feel healthy. It makes a huge difference. I also avoid the chip aisle and the candy section and ice cream section. Stick to the outside aisles!

    I am also going to Europe this summer to trek around and that is my motivation to lose weight so that I will be comfortable in tank tops and on the beach! It's great motivation!

    And like the others said- you may be wasting your money but that's a given regardless of whether you throw it in the garbage or tack it onto your waste. Save yourself the extra pounds and give it away if you are worried about wasting. I read somewhere that you should think of it as "waste" if it goes in your body too. Your body doesn't need that junk food.
  • Sometimes when I go to the store hungry, I just buy a quick (healthy) snack, and then eat it and go back to the store later for food for the week. I know that sounds psycho, but a banana and a piece of wasa bread with cheese or PB on it will fill you up so that you can resist the pop tart and fruity pebbles.
  • thanks guys. you make me feel so much better!!!
  • can u throw a party in your room for your friends (without eating it) so it isn't such a waste? or return it? a lot of stores take returns (as long as its not opened)