• I lost my first 2 pounds! After 1 week of resisting temptation and working my butt off, I actually have results! Granted this is probably all water weight since I gave up pop, but still...YAY!
  • YAY! I esp. give you credit for giving up pop!! *holds up GIANT Coke Zero* I can't manage to do that just yet!
  • OMG it is soooo hard without pop. And it's not even completly without, I bought one 12 pack of Diet Coke and I have to make it last all month. I have been really good so far and have only drank 1. I have really gotten into those Crystal Light to-go packs that you put into bottled water. If I keep a couple in my purse than I'm more apt to buy water whenever I have to stop than pop.
  • Congratulations! A loss is a loss, no matter what "kind".. congrats on giving up the pop (or as we east coasters say, soda ) it gets easier! I'm actually drinking a Diet Pepsi right now and it's not doing much for me... I used to drink 5 or 6 a day. Coffee, that would be a different thing..