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Default Falling off the bandwagon with stress eating...


I am just so frustrated, I need a place to vent.

My stress eating has been out of control lately. The pounds are creeping back on and I am now at my horrendous post-holiday weight once more (I took off 5 pounds or so since New Years, and have now put it back on). None of my clothes fit, and I am just so miserable about the weight gain, but I am really stressed because of my midterms and have been dealing with it by eating constantly.

It also doesn't help that I have a new boyfriend, and we go out to eat a lot. He actually stays over every night and we stay up until dawn, which is not helping either because I am always tired and need sugar to keep up with my studying and classes during the day. This is also why I am falling behind in work and getting so stressed, but I am having so much fun with him and he's making me so happy, I hate to compromise that. I can get my work done, but I can't seem to diet AND work hard AND make time to be with him.

What to do...
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It's funny, the second one part of your life falls into place another falls apart.
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Well not so much funny, but proof that life is unfair.
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Have you thought of caffeine instead of sugar to help keep you awake? Overdoing either one isn't great, but if you're concerned about calories, at least coffee has negligible calorie content and diet soda has nothing.

Remember that your midterms and stressful period WILL END. It's not going to last forever. It's not an excuse to eat everything in sight. Be gentle with yourself, sure, but being stressed out does not justify undoing all your hard work! Snack on popcorn... baby carrots... string cheese... yogurt... There are ways to get around the stress eating without driving yourself nuts!

As for the boy, congrats on the new relationship Sounds like you might need him right now as a distraction from school. However, again, you can't use him as an excuse to fall off the wagon! If you two going out to eat all the time is an issue, make it a non-issue. Stop eating out so often. Tell him you need some sleep once every few days. You know?

You're in charge. You can get through this... And wouldn't you rather come out on the other side not having undone all your hard work? Good luck!
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one of my goals!
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I understand where you are coming from! My best advice to you is decide what is most important to you and then go from there. You said that your boyfriend is new and I remember how exciting new relationships can be, but just remember that until you have some kind of long term commitment you need to put yourself first, because the downward spiral of weight-gain, loss of sleep, and dropping grades isn't going to make you happy and if you arn't happy that isn't going to benefit your new relationship.
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I'm also stressssssssssssed out about school. I think new bf will understand if you tell him u need a few days to get some work done and then when you're ready for a study break you guys can hang out.
My plan so far is to work all day and then at the end when I can't possibly read anymore, bf comes over and we eat a healthy meal and watch a movie or some tv. it gives me something to look forward to but then I send him on his way b/c if he spends the night, i sleep in...and it's all down hill in terms of productivity from there.
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I want a bf
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Originally Posted by bida View Post
I want a bf
Haha. That's my problem too.
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